Looking to connect with Mother Nature in a more meaningful way? Don’t get stuck in the nuts and bolts of outdoor living space design, look beyond to ensure a space that has a lasting impact on your life (and your yard). These simply incorporated additions can help you foster a deeper connection to the outdoors through your outdoor living space design

Reconnect with Your Childhood

Reconnect with your roots, incorporating a nostalgic plant, such as your grandmother’s roses or your mother’s lavender, into your outdoor living space design. Scent is a powerful memory trigger, and adding one or more nostalgic addition is a beautiful way to honor a loved one.

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Incorporate a Treasured Object

Whether it’s a hand-me-down from a friend or family member, vacation memento, or spiritual item. Elevate it on a pedestal, tuck it into a flower bed, or place it at the base of a mature tree.

Relax Your Pace

The pace of everyday life can seem unrelenting. Slow things down with your setup, adding bends and curves to paths, and hardscaping with rough stepping stones or flagstone trimmed in thyme and bordered by velvety lamb’s ears. 

Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Wildlife

Supporting the creatures around you connects you in a meaningful way with the ecosystem.  Invite animals and insects to your space with native plant species that provide pollen, nectar, and fruits for insects and birds. Nothing brings a garden to life and helps you connect with nature like sharing your space with wildlife.

Add the Soothing Sounds of Water

The soothing trickle of water engages the senses, distracting from neighborhood and traffic noise and welcoming wild birds to create a soothing sanctuary. From tiny trickling tanks to larger, stone-encased fountains, water feature options abound perfect for any size and budget.

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Create a Secret Hideaway

Create a private oasis that offers you respite from family, neighbors and even the weather with an Arcadia louvered pergola addition. Adjust louver settings on-demand via remote control or smartphone operation, creating the perfect escape from summer heat or damp, chilly weather. Surround yourself with motorized screens and curtains alongside plants for comfort, privacy, and pest protection, creating the perfect spot to simply relax and take in the outdoors.

Embrace Change

Create an outdoor space that evolves with the seasons. Incorporate flowers and foliage additions that provide a backdrop you look forward to seeing year-round, from spring daffodils to summer hydrangeas, fall mums, and winter holly berries, ensuring year-round comfort beneath the warmth of the sun or sheltered from the rain beneath your Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola.
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