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Boulder, CO, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is one of the most vibrant art communities in the U.S.. Featuring more than a dozen art galleries and several museums, homeowners in this traditional housing area are intent on modernizing their homes and landscapes to take on new styles in architecture.

This homeowner in Boulder was redesigning their back patio and yard with a brand-new swim spa as part of an entire backyard remodel and wanted to cover the entire raised deck. The deck would be comfortable and functional with lounge chairs and a fire pit and close enough to slip right into the new swim spa.

Project Details


It was important to this homeowner to cover the existing raised deck entirely, although several extenuating circumstances required a custom design. The second story of the house cantilevered 24 inches past the main level of the house, which helped in the pergola design to leverage part of the second story to stay within budget and cover the overall size of the deck, which was 22 feet along the house.

They also had part of the upper deck jutting out over a utility room door where their dogs would go in and out of the house. This area needed to be covered as well to create a flowing aesthetic look that also covered that part of the deck.

Pergola Installation Boulder CO 80304
Pergola in Denver CO
Pergola adjustable louvers Boulder


StruXure Denver created an innovative design to keep the entire pergola as one zone, 12 ft. out to match the width of the deck, but because the deck was 22 feet long, each end of the pergola needed to have a 12 inch “can light” extension to maximize the space and keep the StruXure louvered area to 20 feet. The finished design is a one-zone StruXure pergola with 20 feet of louvers and 12” lighting tracks on each end to complete the space, plus provide the perfect lighting for the entire deck. StruXure Denver was able to design the pergola with a wide-open single-zone concept and prevent a two-zone system.

A StruXure pan roof completed the space that was built adjacent to the Pivot 6 to cover the area over the utility room door. This matched the footprint of the deck and provided an integrated, interlocking system that used the same gutters and beams. With the matching footprint and color to the house, this beautiful pergola provides a fully integrated and aesthetic look instead of looking like an add-on afterthought.

The Pivot 6 features lighting and a fan, with an even distribution of lighting. The louvered roof system always features a remote control to adjust for natural sunlight or to close entirely for protection from rain and snow. Screens will be added after their final backyard construction is complete.


This installation required modifications to the house wall to fit the pergola onto the wall for a watertight insulation due to the 2-foot overhang. The pergola was fabricated in the field and installed piece by piece to fit tightly into the open space, mounted on three sides to beams and two sides of the house.


This homeowner happens to be an interior designer with a discerning eye for lines, style, and quality. They can now enjoy coffee on the deck without being blasted by the east-facing, intense morning sun. They have an enjoyable seating area to come in and out of their swim spa and have given several referrals to StruXure Denver.

Pergola Boulder CO
StruXure Denver provides custom-designed pergolas like this single-zone pergola in Boulder which matches the footprint of the entire deck. Our louvered roof and patented gutter system technology are functional and beautiful, with flowing aesthetics in a perfectly matching color. Contact us to learn how you can get your forever pergola in long-lasting, low-maintenance, and durable aluminum with custom options like this pergola in Boulder.

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