Is a motorized pergola right for my home or business? The benefits of louvered roof pergolas have propelled them to the top of the market. A standout feature, louvered patio covers offer advantages their patio shelter predecessors do not.

Louvered Aluminum Pergolas Offer Sun, Shade, & Shelter On-Demand

StruXure adjustable pergola louvers offer unmatched flexibility, rotating to any setting up to 170 degrees with the click of a button. Adjust louvers throughout the day as needed, dialing in the perfect amount of sunlight or shade for comfort. Open louvers wide on sunny winter days, close louvers for shelter from the summer sun while maintaining airflow, or find the perfect balance of light in spring and fall. Enjoy your space, remaining dry and comfortable even in the rain or snow, closing and interlocking louvers to engage the built-in gutter system and whisk water away.


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StruXure Offers Nearly Limitless Pergola Design Potential

Create a custom pergola design in any size or configuration. Whether you want to add a front porch space for relaxing, an outdoor kitchen and dining area, a poolside retreat, a covered walkway, or additional restaurant seating, StruXure aluminum pergolas have you covered. We offer many options to complement your architecture or design scheme, including attached and freestanding pergolas, six standard colors, woodgrain, and custom trim to enhance your modern, traditional, or rustic architecture.

Custom Aluminum Pergolas Improve Outdoor Comfort

Built-in pergola accessories maximize seasonal use:

  • Recessed lights for 24/7 enjoyment
  • Ceiling fans for summer comfort and airflow
  • Infrared heaters for fall and winter warmth
  • Motorized screens for privacy and improved sun and weather protection
  • Outdoor speakers, TV mounts, and outlets to enhance entertainment

Smart Pergola Capability

StruXure louvered aluminum pergolas offer a variety of operational options. Choose from a wall switch or remote control. Adjust settings via a smartphone app or your home automation system using voice control. Upgrade to built-in weather sensors for automatic response to rain, wind, and ice. No matter what you prefer, Somfy MyLink technology makes operation effortless!

StruXure Pergolas Offer Unmatched Durability

Louvered aluminum pergolas require a higher initial investment than wood pergolas and box store kits, but they last much longer, delivering a far better return on investment. Our fully extruded aircraft-grade aluminum pergolas are lightweight yet durable. They won’t rust or rot, resist denting from hail, and stand up to hurricane-force winds and heavy snow loads. They’re a once-and-done investment, built for lifetime use with a warranty to match.


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Aluminum Pergolas are Low Maintenance

StruXure powder-coated aluminum pergolas will never require sanding, painting, staining, refurbishing, or replacement. We’ve designed every feature so you can spend less time maintaining your pergola and more time enjoying it. Premium powder coating provides protection even in harsh marine and poolside environments. Spay your pergola down with a hose or wipe it down with a soft cloth or brush using a mild cleanser when needed, and keep moving parts and gutters clear of leaves. That’s it.

Spend More Time Enjoying the Outdoors under a Louvered Roof Pergola

Open up to new possibilities in outdoor living. Create year-round usable space with a louvered roof pergola from StruXure Denver. Contact us for a quote at 303-500-6669 on a cutting-edge motorized pergola today.

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