Motorized Patio Screens

MagnaTrack motorized patio screen systems from Progressive Screens are the only self-correcting roller screens in the industry. MagnaTrack motorized patio screen technology with built-in obstacle detection and a self-adjusting track outperforms competitors, eliminating 98% of common zipper system issues. Enjoy smooth, trouble-free operation and enhance your outdoor experience with Progressive’s patented MagnaTrack screening solutions.

Motorized Solar Shades

Control the harsh glare of sunlight with outdoor sun shades. Our cutting-edge motorized solar shades integrate seamlessly into any pergola design, blocking up to 97% of UV rays. Improve comfort on your patio, reduce energy use in your home, and protect your furnishings against fading with roller shades from Progressive Screens.
Motorized Screens in Denver

Retractable Wind Screens

Defender high wind screens offer unparalleled protection. Built to withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds more than 156 mph and flying projectiles, they easily withstand the Denver mountain region’s gusty winds. Enjoy privacy, eliminate pesky insects, and manage the harsh glare of sunlight with ease with Defender retractable wind screens.

Retractable Privacy Screens

Get more privacy with custom privacy screens from Progressive Screens. Slide screens into place for on-demand protection. MagnaTrack screens provide the reliable coverage you need to create a private patio space. We carry a variety of screen designs to meet your airflow and visibility needs.

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Residential Pergola – Denver 80210

RESIDENTIAL PERGOLADenver 80210OVERVIEW: The homeowner of this large, 1950s, remodeled brick home in Denver was searching for a quality pergola installation for their spacious L-shaped patio. The pergola had to be L-shaped to match the backyard area of installation...

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