Where should you incorporate a water feature into your backyard space? Fountains are a great companion to your StruXure home pergola. Together, this dynamic duo offers cooling relief without inflating your energy bill, with the added bonus of creating a soothing, relaxing ambiance. However, considering placement, design, and maintenance needs are crucial to maximizing the usefulness and enjoyment of a water feature.

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Narrow Down the Right Spot for Your Fountain

The right location will help you ensure optimal power supply, boost cooling potential, reduce maintenance, and keep your water feature looking its best. The ideal spot should be somewhere shady. This serves two purposes, minimizing evaporation and preventing algae growth from sunlight exposure. Fortunately, you can accomplish this without being stuck in the dark with your StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola system.

Adjust the louvers on your pergola to provide shelter for your water feature with the touch of a button. When you need a little of Mother Nature’s Vitamin D, open louvers to let the sunshine in with the touch of a button. StruXure residential pergolas are well-suited for use with fountains. Featuring a premium Akzo Nobel powder-coated, extruded aluminum construction, they are built to withstand corrosion from water, chlorine, and salt, providing a lifetime of use.

Avoid Placement Next to Plants

Though the “Secret Garden” look may be enticing, it’s best to resist placing your fountain close to foliage. Nearby leaves and dirt will increase your water feature’s maintenance needs, accumulating debris, contaminating water, and promoting bacterial growth.

Reduce Maintenance with Mindful Selection

Be sure to consider these factors, in addition to aesthetics, when choosing your fountain.

  • Stainless steel and glass fountains are easier to clean.
  • Dark, reflective surfaces can mask dirt and algae growth.
  • Self-refilling models can help you avoid the pain of a burned-out pump due to declining water levels.

Ensure a Harmonious Aesthetic

Coordinating your water feature with the décor of your outdoor living space ensures a unified theme. StruXure pergolas offer many design opportunities.

  • Match the colors of your fountain to the powder coating on your custom-built pergola.
  • Incorporate architectural columns into your pergola design, pairing it with a marble fountain.
  • Pair corbel ends with a whimsical fountain design.
  • Choose a faux wood wrap with a stone fountain for a more rustic feel.

The possibilities are nearly limitless!

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Don’t DIY Your Fountain’s Power Supply

Your water feature will require a power source to keep it flowing. While fountains offer both solar and electric options, wiring is not a job for an amateur. Water and electricity do not mix. Leave your extension cord and tools in the garage and opt for a professional installation to ensure the safety and longevity of your water feature.

Create a stunning space that complements your home and beckons you into your backyard. Immerse yourself in the outdoor living experience. Contact StruXure Denver Pergola Systems today.

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