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Low-Maintenance Potted Plants Under Your Pergola


Patio Ideas / May 19, 2020

Do you love colorful foliage, but impress yourself with your capacity to kill patio plants? Did your last additions take over your space, rather than compliment it? Denver Pergola has the help you need to enhance your outdoor space, with a formula for low maintenance greenery additions that pair well with your residential pergola, beautify your patio, and minimize maintenance.

Refresh Your Patio and Nurture Your Green Thumb with these Easy-Care Plants 

Beautiful, low-maintenance potted plants do exist.  You can add color, texture, and visual interest to your outdoor space with little more than weekly watering. These low-maintenance options are perfect for your patio or deck, particularly when paired with stylish and colorful containers and hanging baskets.

  1. Heucheras – “Coral Bells”
    Small but mighty, the flamboyant foliage of Heucheras packs a visual punch, with flat or frilly leaves boasting shades ranging from bright lime green to sunset orange and merlot. Hummingbirds and butterflies love their long spikes of flowers. Choose evergreen varieties for year-round enjoyment.
  2. Dichondra Argentea – “Silver Ponyfoot”
    The striking silver foliage of this southwest native spreads and cascades quickly, making a beautiful hanging basket or interesting addition to tall, upright planters, particularly when paired with plants with dark or colorful foliage. Note: It can overwinter in your home, but will not survive outdoors.
  3. Cordyline
    Tall and bright, Cordylines are visually striking, flourishing in full sun. They don’t survive cold winters, however, so be prepared to replace them or bring them indoors before it frosts.
  4. Agave Macroacantha
    Unlike its mammoth cousins, this unique, black-spined agave is known for its diminutive, 18-inch size. It makes a beautiful sculptural addition – just be sure to tuck it out of the way to protect passersby from its sharp spines.
  5. Sedum
    Sedum encompasses a very large and variable plant family, offering a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, though all variations require minimal care. Sedum is an excellent way to add color and texture, flowering annually. Look for cold-hardy varieties for year-over-year beauty.
  6. Blue Oat Grass
    This festive, fountain-shaped grass thrives in full sun, and can survive winter. It will easily fill any container, growing to 2-3 feet tall. It is fantastic for flanking entryways or anchoring your patio space.
  7. Angelonia Serena – “Summer Snapdragons”
    This homeowner favorite thrives in full sun, withstanding the high heat and humidity of southern climates. Its fragrant purple, pink, or white flowers last for months, making lovely flower arrangements.
  8. Geraniums
    The cheerful blooms of geraniums come in many colors. Locate them where they’ll get at least 6 hours of direct sun daily to encourage their fragrant blooms.
  9. Pansies
    These colorful, easy-growing flowers thrive in sun or part shade and are surprisingly durable, though they hold up best in spring and fall. They come in a rainbow of hues to accent your patio or pergola design, allowing you to customize your color scheme.
  10. Flowering Kale
    This hardy, rugged annual tolerates sun or shade, dry soil, and sub-freezing temperatures. Plant it in early spring, fall, and winter for lasting color, pairing it with other burgundy foliage and design accents to add color and texture to your patio.

Avoid Impeding Pergola Function with Proper Plant Selection & Placement 

Shopping on the fly can be tempting, but it can produce unexpected results. Shop carefully. Be mindful when selecting plants to pair with your louvered pergola system. Though the recommendations above are low-maintenance, each has unique care requirements. Consider sun exposure requirements and placement, particularly when placing plants beneath your residential pergola. Do you normally leave the louvers of your adjustable pergola open or closed? Steer clear of rapidly growing, bushy or vining plants, which can impede louvered pergola function, opting for better suited, slower-growing options instead. 

Spruce up your patio with the season’s most beautiful foliage. Create a low maintenance backyard oasis with plants that are as easy to care for as your StruXure aluminum louvered pergola system. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.


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