A pergola is an excellent way to add function and curb appeal. With the right style and accessory upgrades, it can transform your outdoor living space, transforming underused backyard real estate into a luxurious escape. However, jumping into a patio shelter purchase could cost you. Is an adjustable louvered pergola kit the right choice, or should you skip DIY assembly for design and construction assistance from a pro?

Top Things Louvered Pergola Kits May Be Missing

You can easily find cookie-cutter home pergola kits online and at big box stores, available at a wide range of prices from manufacturers in many countries. The cost of DIY pergola kits makes them an enticing choice, but they come up short in much more than price:

Limited customization potential

Because mass-producing pergolas with limited options reduces cost, you will find few size, style, and color options when shopping for mechanical louvered pergola kits online. This can create significant design challenges for small backyards or those with unique layouts.

Lesser quality

Reducing quality by manufacturing mechanical louvered pergolas with less durable materials like rolled aluminum and PVC reduces cost. Remember the old saying – buy cheap, buy (and assemble) twice. 

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Minimal electronics

Pergola kits offer limited to no built-in electronics, such as wiring for fans and heaters or outlets for TVs and technology. Louvers may adjust via a hand crank or remote, offering only fully open or fully closed settings, limiting versatility.

Installation challenges

Installation will require significant DIY skills, tools, and assistance. You are responsible for obtaining permits, installing footings, precisely assembling large pergola pieces, troubleshooting problems, and passing inspections. Mistakes could void your warranty or result in damage to your home or neighboring properties.

Less than reliable weather protection

Check the fine print for what each manufacturer defines as ‘normal’ use. Pergola kits may not withstand winds, hold water, or handle snow loads and may require frequent disassembly/reassembly to keep in working order.

Lackluster warranty terms

Anything less than precise, professional installation and light use may void your motorized louvered pergola kit’s warranty. Carefully consider warranty length and terms, particularly if they include a long list of unrealistic caveats, like “void in humid environments” or “must include an original signed delivery receipt.”

Poor customer service

Pergola manufacturers and resellers, especially those overseas, don’t have the incentive local brick-and-mortar businesses and contractors do to offer great customer service after purchase, leaving you no recourse when things go wrong, like shipment damage, missing parts, or shoddy construction.

Benefits of a Professionally Designed and Installed Pergola

Custom pergolas engineered and installed by StruXure Denver offer more than enviable curb appeal:

Nearly limitless customization

Pick your size and footprint, maximizing every inch of available space. We can build adjustable pergolas in even the largest (or strangest) dimensions. Choose from six colors, including faux wood grain, adding corbel ends, custom trim, architectural columns, and more.

High-quality construction

StruXure’s fully-extruded, aircraft-grade, powder-coated aluminum pergolas are a once-and-done investment, built to last a lifetime.

Tons of built-in bells and whistles

Our bioclimatic, smart pergolas feature accessories like built-in lighting, fans, patio heaters, motorized curtains, speakers, TV mounts, outlets, and more, allowing you to maximize time outdoors every season. With Somfy technology and remote control, smart device, home automation, voice control, or integrated weather sensors, operation is a breeze. 

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Soup to nuts pergola design and installation

Sit back, relax, and let StruXure Denver handle everything, from design and permitting to project completion, ensuring safety and lasting use. We have the tools and expertise to manage project curveballs and protect your warranty.

Versatile, reliable patio shelter

StruXure’s patented interlocking louvered roof design with 360-degree integrated gutter system can handle Denver downpours without drips, hold heavy snow loads, and withstand hurricane-force winds and harsh environments without warping, rotting, or rusting.

Unsurpassed warranty

We stand behind our American-made pergolas. No pergola kit on the market offers our transferrable limited lifetime warranty.

Customer service you can count on

StruXure Denver, local pergola expert and Denver’s exclusive StruXure dealer, has been serving the region for over a decade. We have an unsurpassed reputation in the community for quality and service. We’re always available by phone for your questions and warranty needs.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Louvered Pergola Kits, Get A Real Pergola Installed by a Pro

Avoid pergola kit pitfalls. Realize the true potential of your outdoor living space with professional pergola design and construction from StruXure Denver. Contact our pergola professional installers at 303-500-6669 for a quote on a new cutting-edge louvered pergola system today.

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