When comparing a Structureworks pergola vs. a StruXure pergola, it’s easy to be tempted by the pre-installation pricing of Structureworks kits. However, these two products are vastly different. It’s essential to carefully compare how a Structureworks pergola compares to a StruXure pergola to ensure lasting satisfaction with your investment.


Structureworks has been making custom pergola kits in North America for over 30 years. Based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the company also manufactures Trex Pergolas, one of their brands.

StruXure louvered roof systems are made in the USA by Chicago-based AZEK Company Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of low-maintenance, sustainable outdoor living products.

Each custom, made-to-order pergola is designed and installed by Denver’s exclusive StruXure dealer, StruXure Denver.


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Patio Shelter Functionality

Structureworks does not offer louvered motorized pergolas. Pergola design options include traditional open-roof pergolas, pergolas with fixed angled slats, fixed and retractable fabric canopy pergolas, or pergolas with a fixed modular aluminum panel roof with an integrated gutter. Each offers varying degrees of shade protection but no reliable shelter from rain or snow.

StruXure’s cutting-edge motorized pergolas allow you to adjust to changing weather on-demand. Louvers rotate up to 170 degrees to provide sun, shade, ventilation, or precipitation protection with the click of a button. Interlocking louvers and an integrated.

Pergola Customization Potential

Structureworks offers pergolas built according to your needs, budget, municipality, and HOA requirements. Choose from freestanding and attached pergolas in traditional and modern styles in several standard or custom colors. Accessory options include lighting, fan blocks, heaters, and curtains.

StruXure offers custom freestanding and attached pergolas with no maximum size. Create a sleek modern pergola, traditional, or rustic design with custom trim and columns in your choice of six standard colors, custom hues, or faux wood. Choose from an electric or solar operating system, adjusting by wall mount or handheld remote, the Somfy MyLink app, or home automation. Integrate weather sensors for automatic response to rain, wind, snow, and ice. Built-in accessories, including lights, fans, heaters, TVs and speakers, motorized curtains, and power outlets, ensure comfortable, year-round use.

Pergola Durability

Structureworks offers fiberglass and aluminum pergolas but does not disclose aluminum composition or quality. Like StruXure pergolas, Structureworks pergolas will not rot, rust, or house termites. Resistance to wind, rain, and other environmental conditions is not stipulated. Coatings may degrade/discolor with environmental exposure, which Structureworks’ warranty conditions reflect.

StruXure aluminum pergolas are built with fully extruded aircraft-grade aluminum. Premium AkzoNobel powder coating ensures a lifetime of low-maintenance use, even in harsh marine and poolside environments. StruXure pergolas withstand hurricane-force winds up to 145 mph, resist dents and dings from hail, and easily hold heavy snow loads, channeling snow melt away to keep your furnishings dry.

Pergola Installation

Structureworks pergola kits are built for on-site installation. The company drafts documents, but you must obtain the necessary permitting and HOA approval. Components are delivered by freight on a pallet with no unloading assistance provided. A liftgate and delivery are not included. Unloading times over 15 minutes may incur additional charges. Hiring a local contractor at additional cost is recommended to prevent warranty-voiding installation errors. Basic assembly instructions are included for professional builders. For homeowners with the know-how, tools, and manpower for a DIY installation, YouTube installation videos are recommended.

Unlike Structureworks kits, which require DIY installation or contractor assistance, StruXure Denver handles everything, from design, permitting, and HOA approval to pergola and accessory installation. Our turnkey solutions ensure a smooth, safe, timely installation without issue. We’ve installed hundreds of motorized louvered pergolas across the Denver region.


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Pergola Warranty

Structureworks offers the following warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials to the original purchaser, with many stipulations:

  • Up to 15 years – full refund
  • 15-25 years – 50% refund of purchase price
  • 25+ years – 5% refund of purchase price

Installation deficiencies may not be covered, even with contractor construction. Damage caused by normal wear-and-tear, environmental factors, mold/mildew, ice, wind, and corrosive atmospheres such as ocean or poolside environments void the warranty. Surface discolorations are not covered. You must submit claims in writing with proof of purchase within 30 days of discovery.

StruXure aluminum pergolas come with an industry-leading warranty, including:

  • Transferable limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • 15-year warranty on structural components (posts, gutters, louvers, beams)
  • 10-year warranty on manually operated systems
  • 5-year warranty on power components

Which is Better – StruXure Pergolas or Structureworks Pergolas?

Homeowners often find the labor for a DIY pergola kit or professional installation costs more than they bargained for. Don’t put your pergola warranty and investment on the line with a DIY installation or an unknown contractor. Invest in a custom pergola that ensures superior results and a lasting warranty. For those looking for a smooth installation process from start to finish and versatile, reliable shelter, an aluminum pergola with louvers from StruXure Denver can’t be beat.

Get More from Your Patio Shelter Investment

Don’t settle for less. Ensure lasting enjoyment with a durable, multifunctional, professionally installed StruXure custom pergola. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-500-6669 to learn more about our luxury louvered pergolas today.


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