Add a little sizzle to your evening routine with an outdoor fire pit addition next to your pergola pool, spa, outdoor kitchen or patio. The enchanting flames of a fire draw in a crowd like no other, creating a sense of destination your family won’t be able to resist. Trade you that “iThing” for a s’mores? 

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Tips for Fire Pit Placement

Fire pits are long on charm – just make sure they’re not short on safety:

  • Check local codes.
    City/county/HOA regulations often dictate fire pit placement and fuel types. Be sure to check with these organizations before making any fire pit investment.
  • Ensure adequate space.
    7-feet of space surrounding all edges of your fire pit is a good rule-of-thumb to allow movement of furniture and foot traffic. Too much space is better than too little.
  • Keep fires contained with hardscaping.
    A non flammable surface beneath your fire pit such as brick, pavers, or concrete can help keep flying embers in check. Prefer the natural look? Dig your fire pit in and surround it with gravel to keep stray sparks contained.
  • Keep foliage far away.
    Install your fire pit a safe distance from tall foliage.
  • Watch wind direction.
    Consider prevailing winds and how they will affect spectator comfort.
  • Build-in permanent seating.
    Permanent seating ensures adult and pint-sized spectators remain a safe distance from dancing flames. If built-in seating isn’t practical, opt for larger heavier furnishings, which prevent children from scooting too close, ensuring breathing room for the fire.
  • Consider a custom addition.
    While low-cost fire pits are available from big box stores, your local landscaper may be able to devise a safer, custom fire pit solution for your outdoor living area for less than you think. It could pay to make a few calls before investing for a pit that’s a better fit.


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Rainy Night? We’ve Got You (& Your Fireplace) Covered With A Custom Pergola

With the addition of an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, rain and snow don’t have to put out the flames of your family’s fireside activities. Safely top your fire pit with the fully extruded aluminum structure of the Arcadia, sealing out rain and snow, or opening up to reveal sky views. Dial-in the ideal comfort and circulation setting with a quick iLouver app-driven smartphone or remote control adjustment, with 170-degrees of rotation at your fingertips.

Don’t fall into the same old dinner and ‘screen time’ routine. Step things up a notch. Uncover a new era of outdoor living with the addition of a fire pit beneath your Arcadia aluminum pergola. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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