How does an Aluprof pergola compare to a StruXure pergola? The many pergolas on the market today can make finding the ideal patio shelter for your home difficult. In this installment, we’ll compare Aluprof pergola systems vs. StruXure pergola systems, helping you understand key differences so you can find the best aluminum pergola to meet your needs.

Pergola Manufacturers

Aluprof is a European manufacturer of sun protection products, including motorized pergolas, rollup screens, shutters, windows, and doors, with branches in Europe and the US. They have over 70 years of industry experience manufacturing energy-efficient, sustainable aluminum systems.

StruXure began in 2009 to bring a better, more durable pergola to the American market than was available overseas. Their unique, long-lasting louvered roof systems made them one of the fastest-growing companies in the country, putting them on the Inc. 5000 list for seven consecutive years. In 2022, StruXure was acquired by AZEK Company Inc. of Chicago, a leading provider of low-maintenance, environmentally sustainable outdoor living products, creating new opportunities for advancing StruXure’s bioclimatic pergola technology.


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Louvered Pergola Function and Versatility

Aluprof adjustable pergolas offer up to 135 degrees of louver rotation. Like StruXure pergolas, they allow you to adapt to changing weather on-demand, changing louver settings via wall switch, remote control, mobile phone app, and home automation compatibility. Aluprof’s louvered roof includes a built-in gutter system, each louver equipped with a specialized seal to minimize leaks. Sun, rain, and wind sensors are also available for automatic response to changing weather.

StruXure pergola louvers rotate up to 170 degrees, giving you more control of your outdoor living space. Dial in the ideal amount of sunlight, shade, or ventilation, or close for drip-free precipitation protection. Interlocking louvers and a patented gutter system with large rain channels whisk water away, even in Denver’s heaviest storms. Optional rain, wind, and freeze sensors ensure your pergola adapts to the changing environment, keeping your outdoor living area dry and guarding against weather-related pergola damage.

Custom Pergola Design and Accessory Options

Aluprof and StruXure louvered roof systems both offer a fully extruded aluminum construction. Aluprof custom pergolas offer freestanding and attached designs with a modern, minimalist look in your choice of several standard or custom RAL colors. There are two models to choose from, the MB OpenSky 120 and the premium MB OpenSky 140 pergola system, which offers a seamless look and added durability. Available accessories include automated sliding glass panels or screens, fixed glass panels and screens, LED lighting, and radiant heaters.

StruXure offers multiple adjustable pergola options, including:

  • The Pivot 6 louvered pergola, a homeowner favorite
  • The Pivot 6 XL for larger projects
  • The Pivot 6 Slide, a louvered roof that opens, offering unobstructed sky views
  • The Pan 6, for multi-zone applications mixing louvered and fixed panels
  • The Cabana X, portable, plug-and-play, 10×10 pergolas

Each pergola is manufactured to your precise measurements with no maximum size, including freestanding or attached designs. Standard powder coating options include beige, adobe, white, black, grey, bronze, and faux wood. Trim, façade, and column options allow you to create any pergola style, from sleek modern designs to traditional or rustic wood-look pergolas. Available accessories include built-in lighting, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, motorized curtains, speakers, and TV mounts for year-round comfort and enjoyment.

Aluminum Pergola Installation

Finding a local Aluprof pergola design and installation contractor in Denver online is challenging. The US website is down, so contacting the company’s global sales department is the only way to get further information.

For homeowners looking for an easier way to incorporate an aluminum pergola with louvers into their landscape, StruXure Denver, Denver’s exclusive StruXure dealer, makes it a breeze. Just call our local office or fill out our online contact form. We handle everything from helping you design the ideal patio shelter for your space to obtaining permits, facilitating HOA approval, placing your custom pergola order at our nearby US manufacturing facilities, and soup-to-nuts installation. We’ve installed hundreds of pergolas throughout the region. You can count on us to bring your outdoor living dream to reality.

Aluminum Pergola Durability

Aluprof and StruXure aluminum pergolas both offer low-maintenance patio shelter that will not rust, rot, or warp. Like StruXure pergolas, Aluprof pergolas withstand high winds and snow, though they aren’t as sturdy. With a maximum size of 6 m long, 4 m wide, and 3 m high, both OpenSky models withstand winds up to about 60 mph. The MB OpenSky 120 can handle snow loads up to 158 lbs./m2, though Aluprof recommends clearing the roof in heavy snowfall. The MB OpenSky 140 offers a bit more sturdiness, upholding snow loads up to 440 lbs./m2. Per the warranty, Aluprof pergolas aren’t recommended for marine or poolside environments.

StruXure’s premium powder-coated aluminum pergolas give you added durability, reflecting heat and standing up to salt, chlorine, heavy rain, hail, hurricane-force winds, and heavy snow loads. Each is built to hold your climate’s maximum average snowfall with louvers closed, channeling snow melt away via gutters. StruXure pergolas withstand hurricane-force winds up to 145 mph – open louvers and winds up to 100mph blow right through. They’re built for a lifetime of use with minimal maintenance.


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Aluprof Vs. StruXure Pergola Warranty

Aluprof’s standard warranty, updated in 2020, applies to components of aluminum windows, doors, and facades, offering:

  • 15-year warranty – standard powder coating
  • 25-year warranty – premium special order powder coating
  • 2-year warranty – hardware, motorized components

Aluprof must confirm warranty validity. Maintenance and installation deficiencies void the pergola warranty. Warranty void when installed less than 5km from the coast, when exposed to chemical emissions or moisture (pool, marine environments), or “in the case of use of incompatible elements with elements from Aluprof.”

StruXure offers an industry-leading warranty, including:

  • A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects that is fully transferable if you sell your home
  • 15-year warranty on structural components (posts, gutters, louvers, beams)
  • 10-year warranty on manually operated systems
  • 5-year warranty on power components

Which is Better – Aluprof or StruXure Pergolas?

Though Aluprof delivers better performance than other pergola kits, StruXure pergolas offer more durability and easier access to design, installation, and parts support. StruXure also provides a better pergola structure and accessories warranty, including coverage in even the harshest environments. Put simply, investing in a StruXure pergola ensures maximum return and lasting enjoyment of your pergola investment.

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