A thoughtfully designed commercial pergola is an easy, cost-effective way to turn unused real estate into functional space. High-quality, customizable commercial-grade pergolas ensure your new addition will reflect positively on your business and earn maximum return on investment. However, the meaning of commercial pergolas can vary by manufacturer. What should you look for in a commercial-grade pergola system?

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Commercial Grade Pergolas Accommodate Larger Design Needs

Generally, business applications require larger pergolas than residential installations. StruXure, an industry leader in commercial pergola systems, offers products designed to accommodate the needs of larger commercial projects. Our Pivot 6 XL commercial pergola and Pan 6 model lines are ideal for more expansive designs, including single and multi-zone freestanding and attached pergola systems created to suit your occupancy needs.

Commercial Grade Pergolas Offer Higher Quality Construction

Commercial pergola manufacturers offer a variety of material options:

  • Wood pergolas
    Wood pergolas are a traditional choice. However, their typical semi-open-roof design and regular painting or staining needs make them less practical for lasting, year-round use.
  • Plastic pergolas
    Plastic pergolas are common around water features where other materials could break down from moisture and chemical exposure.
  • Stone pergolas
    Stone pergolas are often used to reflect surrounding stone architecture. They offer durable but expensive fixed roof shelter.
  • Composite pergolas
    Composite pergolas combine wood and plastic for a rot-resistant, low-maintenance design, albeit at a higher cost than wood designs.
  • Glass pergolas
    Glass pergolas, favored in modern architectural designs, may feature a sliding or permanent roof. They are expensive, difficult to install and require extensive cleaning and maintenance.
  • Metal pergolas
    Metal is the material of choice for large commercial pergola designs, offering strength and longevity – even in extreme weather conditions.

StruXure’s adjustable aluminum pergolas are far more structurally sound than competing products. Our fully extruded powder-coated commercial pergolas are virtually immune to corrosion, standing up to mildew, mold, pests, intense sunlight, hail, salt, and chemicals from pools and roadways. Stainless steel fasteners and high-quality American-made CE and UL-certified motors withstand the harsh Denver climate with little to no maintenance.

The Best Commercial Pergola Systems Provide Reliable All-Weather Protection

The ability to deliver year-round use is a key feature of successful commercial pergola designs. Traditional open-roofed wood pergolas do not provide the flexibility fixed and adjustable roofs can. With StruXure louvered roof pergolas, you can take advantage of the best weather every season has to offer:

  • Find the perfect balance of sun, shade, or airflow
    Close to enjoy summer shade, open to take advantage of the sun’s warmth on cool days, or improve ventilation with the touch of a button.
  • Enjoy leak-free rain protection

    Our commercial grade Pivot 6XL pergola design handles three times the rainwater as our industry-leading residential Pivot 6. Its built-in 7 ½ inch 360-degree gutter system with pass-through technology offers superior drainage performance, channeling rain away to keep customers dry and comfortable.


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Top of the Line Pergola Models Offer Custom Design and Built-In Accessories

The sizing and layout flexibility of StruXure Pivot 6 XL commercial aluminum pergolas allows you to maximize every inch of space while ensuring customer comfort in the unpredictable Colorado climate. Customize your design to suit your needs, choosing from white, black, beige, bronze, adobe, gray powder coating, or faux wood grain. Accent your pergola’s sturdy yet lightweight 2×10 frame with your choice of 6 or 8-inch posts with architectural columns or corbel, scalloped, measured, and mitered ends.

Deck out your pergola with custom accessories, including built-in lighting for 24/7 use and infrared overhead patio heaters, ceiling fans, misting system, or cooling technology for comfort. Integrate motorized screens or curtains for improved climate control, privacy, and zoning for meetings or gatherings. Draw customers and enhance entertainment with outdoor-rated speakers and TVs.

StruXure Pergolas Offer Unmatched Convenience & Low Maintenance

StruXure commercial grade pergolas offer multiple control options, including:

  • Remote control or wall mount operation
    Adjust on the fly or choose from pre-set positions.
  • App-driven operation and programming
    Swipe or voice command operation via smartphone, mobile device, or automation system, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri using Somfy technology
  • Integrated weather sensors
    Simplify operation with rain, wind, and freeze sensors that respond to changing weather conditions.

Say goodbye to chasing down patio umbrellas or labor-intensive sunshade removal. StruXure pergolas are built to withstand hurricane-force winds. Easy to use, StruXure pergolas are ideal for commercial settings, lasting a lifetime with minimal care. Spray down with a hose and gently wipe on occasion, and you’re done!

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