Strengthen your property’s reputation as a high-end escape with luxury pool cabanas for hotels and resorts. Lavish poolside pergolas have become a sought-after feature, offering guests the perfect place to relax away from the crowd. The StruXure X aluminum pergola line is the pinnacle of extravagance, providing a feature-packed, lasting alternative to vinyl, wood, and cloth structures that struggle to withstand high-traffic use in the outdoor, poolside environment.

Reap the Benefits of a Luxury Poolside Cabana

Maximize your hotel or resort’s wow factor with cutting-edge, versatile aluminum pergolas that offer vacationers:


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Unlike fixed roof pergolas that provide only shade, StruXure louvered roof pergolas are far more flexible, offering access to sun, shade, or precipitation protection at the touch of a button, allowing guests to enjoy time by the pool as daytime temperatures change comfortably.

Integrated lighting, motorized screens, and curtains provide guests the privacy needed to change into swimwear comfortably, enjoy a nap by the pool, or create a poolhouse-like atmosphere to enjoy a meal with family or friends.

StruXure makes customizing cabanas easy, offering built-in lighting, LED color-changing strip lights, ceiling fans, infrared patio heaters, motorized curtains and screens, and solid or slatted side panels. Speakers, TVs, planters, and other additions are also easy to add to our sturdy aluminum pergolas, allowing you to create a luxury retreat for vacationers.

Our high-tech motorized pergolas always generate a buzz. They’re a great way to generate business through word-of-mouth advertising and social media.

Tips for Creating a Luxury Poolside Cabana Experience

Sizing and design set the stage for an unforgettable poolside cabana experience, so thoughtful design is essential. Our small, portable, 10×10 pergolas make it easy to start incorporating cabanas, requiring no permit. We also offer larger models for resorts and hotels that want to install larger, permanent cabanas, such as our Pivot 6 model. Choose from standard and custom color combinations or faux wood wrap. Add custom end cuts to mimic traditional wood pergola designs or complement your architecture with a sleek, modern pergola design. Consider the experience you want to offer guests, placing pool cabanas right in the middle of the action poolside or off the beaten path to provide a private oasis

Once you’ve determined your ideal cabana design and location, consider amenities guests will love, like cushy oversized chaise loungers or couches, chilled or warmed towels, a technology docking and charging station, a mini fridge stocked with bottled water and beverages, or push-button butler service. For permanent installations, consider additional indulgences like a private bathroom, shower, sink, kitchenette, or bar, crafting a cabana space patrons will ‘ooh and ahh’ over and rush to reserve.


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Protect Your Reputation and Bottom Line with Quality Pool Cabanas

Rather than cutting corners with cheap, mass-produced shade sails or kits that require frequent repair and replacement, show your commitment to quality and generate positive attention with high-quality small pergolas from StruXure. Our pergolas are built to last a lifetime, withstanding harsh sun, salt, pool chemicals, rain, snow, hail, and hurricane-force winds with little to no maintenance. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom commercial cabanas that will stand out at your hotel or resort.

Create a Next Level Poolside Cabana Experience

Take your hotel or resort to the next level with luxury pool cabanas from StruXure Denver. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to talk to our commercial pergola design experts and schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation today.

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