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Add Multifunctional Protection with Motorized Pergola Screens

In partnership with industry pioneer Progressive Screens, Denver Pergola Systems also offers options for added versatility via the latest in motorized pergola screen technology. Incorporated into the structure of your pergola, motorized screens add further convenience and function to your outdoor space.

Why Add Screens to Your Pergola Design?

The leading manufacturer of motorized screen technology, Progressive Screens provides an assortment of screen styles for your pergola, which depending on your choice can offer…

  • Added Sun Protection

    An ideal solution for those installations where the angle of the late afternoon sun can create comfort complications.

  • Pest Protection
    Keep flies out of summer picnic fare and mosquitos at bay while you’re enjoying a relaxing night outdoors with convenient, remote control operated screens.
  • Privacy
    Perfect for the tight outdoor spaces of modern neighborhoods, quiet dinners, or those simply seeking a little solitude.
  • Thermal Advantages
    In addition to providing shade, with the right screen selections, you can influence temperatures within your outdoor living space, and your home, better controlling heat gain/loss.
  • Outdoor Theater
    A retractable screen is the perfect setting for taking your movie experience outdoors. With a portable projector and tied into outdoor speakers, “Jurassic Park” can take on a whole new experience in your own backyard park.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Progressive Screens are available in an assortment of standard and custom colors in sizes as large as 30’ wide and 24’ tall, each screen system hand-made to your unique needs and design requirements. The stylish, innovative design of these screens offer unparalleled performance, providing smooth, consistent deployment, and taught, secure protection with every use.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Choose from remote control operation, built-in Radio Technology Somfy’ (RTS) operation to adjust your screens from anywhere inside or outside your home (wall switch, tabletop), or operate from anywhere with the convenient, mobile device driven, Mylink Trifold app. Effortlessly adjust on-demand, or a programmed schedule. Want to set it and forget it? Optional sun/wind sensors monitor sun intensity and wind speeds to adjust based on your pre-programmed specifications.

Enjoy each and every Colorado season in comfort. Achieve your dream outdoor living space design with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.