This article was published on 1/8/2019 and updated on 1/4/2022

Are you tired of feeling trapped inside your home? With the coronavirus continuing to complicate life, there’s never been a better time to dive into outdoor living. But if your current deck or patio setup is like most – uncomfortable, sparse, and utilitarian – it’s probably not an enticing prospect. Fortunately, you can create an inviting, comfortable outdoor space with a louvered roof pergola.

Attractive Outdoor Spaces Top the ‘Must-Have’ List for Homeowners & Buyers

A revamped outdoor space is now one of the most sought-after home renovation projects. Families across the US are craving a more fulfilling outdoor experience. Are you one of the many longing for a space to comfortably and safely gather to reconnect, experience nature, dine, play games, watch movies, or enjoy the warmth of a fire and in-person connection with family and friends?

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How to Achieve Your Dream Outdoor Design, Taking Advantage of Every Season 

Planning your backyard renovation in advance is essential. Due to supply chain shortages, there is a 12–14-week lead time to build your custom aluminum pergola and bring your outdoor space to life. What do you need to plan to create a covered deck or patio you’ll enjoy for years to come?

Start with a firm foundation

Your design should fit your yard and lifestyle:

  • Deck
    Decks are an excellent solution for raised homes with crawl spaces, walkout basements, or yards with sloped surfaces. Wood is a traditional choice but requires annual maintenance to preserve its lifespan and natural beauty. Composite decking offers a low-maintenance, lasting alternative, albeit at a higher cost than wood.
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  • Patio
    Patio additions are ideal for ground-level cement slab homes. Simply add a new concrete slab or extend your existing area with pavers, flagstone, or other popular hardscaping materials.
  • Combo

    Building a deck that steps down to a patio is an excellent way to maximize outdoor space or zone sections of your yard, creating a larger, multifaceted space. This combination is also a winning solution for sloped or irregularly shaped yards.

  • Ensure adequate space for outdoor activities

    Available real estate and how you want to use your outdoor space will ultimately dictate its size. For instance, a cozy reading nook requires far less space than an outdoor kitchen with a dining area. Finding the sweet spot of size to investment cost is essential. Build too large, and you’ll overspend unnecessarily. Skimp on size, and you’ll end up overcrowded and uncomfortable. Not sure what size is best? The internet offers tons of valuable information and online tools to help you plot your space. “Google, what’s the average size for an outdoor kitchen?”

  • Keep accessibility in mind

    Don’t overlook the importance of accessibility. Window shop for appliances and accessories, planning your space before purchasing to ensure a functional design. You’ll need an easy-access doorway from your home, particularly if you’re adding an outdoor cooking area, for fast access to food and cookware. You’ll also want ample space to navigate around seating and appliances to prevent safety issues and an obstacle-course-like experience.

  • Integrate dependable outdoor shelter

    No outdoor living area is complete without shelter. Multifunctional StruXure pergolas from Denver Pergola Systems allow you to use your deck or patio in any weather, protecting your furnishings and ensuring comfort. Adjust louvers to the ideal angle for shelter from blinding mountain sunlight, open louvers for warmth on cool spring days, or close louvers for leak-free rain protection. With the on-demand protection of an adjustable louvered pergola, you can maximize the use of your outdoor space from day-to-day and season-to-season.

  • Incorporate creature comforts

    The right accessory additions ensure a space you’ll want to use day after day. Though some staples are essential, options are as limitless as personalities. What pergola accessories would you prefer?

    • Built-in lighting for safety and outdoor tasks
    • Outdoor ceiling fans and overhead infrared patio heaters
    • Motorized screens for enhanced comfort, privacy, and pest protection
    • Fireplace or firepit centerpiece
    • Hot tub or water features
    • Outdoor kitchen/grill or bar
    • Outdoor TV or projector screen and sound system
    • Remote control or smart-device-driven operation
    • Weather sensors for on-demand response


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