Are you planning to pour a patio slab? If you intend to add an adjustable pergola to your patio design, you might want to put on the brakes. At Denver Pergola Systems, we frequently get calls from homeowners who have just finished pouring a patio slab and are ready to add a residential pergola to their patio space. Pouring a slab before installing your pergola is the wrong progression of events and typically results in the need for costly concrete modifications. The addition of your home pergola should be considered before – not after – pouring a patio slab. 

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Timing the Integration of Patio Elements

A patio slab is more than just a flat hunk of cement that provides a stable spot for your furnishings. A patio slab must meet certain specifications to support and anchor your home pergola properly. These specifications are best planned in advance. This stage is also when the fittings that facilitate your aluminum pergola’s easy and secure mounting are incorporated.

The Consequences of Post-Pour Installations

 The corrections necessary to prepare your previously poured slab for a custom pergola installation could add up to thousands in additional expenses. In Colorado, the frost line requires the installation of solid roof pergolas on a footing at least 12 inches wide by 36 inches deep. If your slab doesn’t meet these requirements, it will be necessary to bore through your newly placed flooring/decking to bring your slab up to county code. These modifications are essential, ensuring your louvered pergola can accommodate the heavy snow loads and extreme wind lift in the Denver region. 

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Pergola Planning Tips

 To ensure the installation of your home pergola proceeds without any welcome surprises, we recommend:

  • Planning in advance and carefully timing your patio and pergola installation
    It’s best to plan to begin construction for your outdoor space at least two seasons before you want to use it. So if you’re dreaming of enjoying summer meals on your patio, start planning the previous season, with the expectation of beginning construction the fall before you plan to use your pergola to leave plenty of room for potential supply or labor delays.
  • Browsing helpful resources
    These tips for planning your outdoor space can help you achieve a functional design you will enjoy for years to come. We also recommend browsing our photo gallery and pergola accessories for design inspiration.
  • Managing accompanying home maintenance before beginning construction
    Before beginning your backyard makeover, be sure to address any issues with the paint or siding on your home and nearby structures, including replacing or upgrading windows and doors leading to/from your patio space. Managing these tasks in advance protects your pergola from construction-related damage.

Ensure a design that’s completed on-time and on-budget, with no construction surprises. Plan the perfect patio space with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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