What’s the best home pergola size? Our pergola design professionals answer this question frequently. The ideal pergola size for your home depends on how you want to use your outdoor living space. Making sure you choose the correct pergola size, including pergola length and width, height/headroom, and square footage, is one of the most important things you can do to ensure lasting enjoyment of your new pergola system. How can you make sure your custom pergola is designed to meet your needs?

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Pergola Size Considerations

  • Am I better with a taller or shorter pergola height?
    You may experience clearance issues with shorter pergolas. However, if your pergola is too tall, you could also find yourself lacking adequate sun and rain protection, as the height and angle of a taller pergola roof allow in more sunlight/rain. Where’s the sweet spot between headroom and weather protection? We recommend a pergola height between 9-9.5 feet as the best height to be comfortable and protected from the elements.
  • How much square footage do I need?
    Your yard size and the way you plan to use your outdoor space ultimately impact pergola size. As with residential pergola height, getting it right is essential. A pergola that is too large will feel vacuous and impersonal. A space that is too small will feel cramped by furniture and appliances, making movement difficult. If you’re unsure how much space you need, talk to a Denver Pergolas design professional. We can help you determine the perfect amount of space, whether you’re looking to create a covered outdoor kitchen, dining area, living room, sundeck, or multi-use space.
  • What’s the maximum StruXure custom pergola size?

    Our largest single zone louvered pergola system measures 12 ft by 20 ft long. However, we can connect as many zones as needed to cover your space. Providing patio shelter across wider expanses is not an issue.


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StruXure Pergolas are Anything But Cookie Cutter

With our home pergolas, you’ll never have to conform your design to standard sizing. Our custom pergolas can be created to meet your precise needs, serving as the linchpin of your patio design and ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor living space, rain or shine. We offer a multitude of customizable options to help you make the most of your outdoor living space, including:

  • Freestanding and attached pergola systems
  • Single or multi-zone designs
  • Custom colors and trim
  • MyLink app or remote operation with 170-degrees of rotational flexibility for the perfect amount of sun, shade, or shelter
  • Built-in accessories like lighting, ceiling fans, motorized screens, and more

Create the perfect custom pergola solution for your home and family. Contact Denver Pergola Systems for a free design consultation or learn more about our photo-realistic 3-D renderings, available for a nominal cost, today.

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