Outdoor living continues its climb to the top of homeowner popularity charts. Which patio features will make the top 10 in the Denver metro area?

Backyard Bars Bubble Up

Tired of Ubering home? Backyard bars are one of the most popular outdoor living features, offering homeowners a safe, yet comfortable and festive place to indulge in dinner and a drink.

Water Reshapes the Land

Both eye-catching and soothing, it’s no surprise homeowners are seeking the sights and sounds of water outside their doors, from small fountains to large ponds. Water features are often the ideal solution for that previously seemed like a waste of space, as well as awkward areas, redefining them as a beautiful focal point.

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Outdoor Kitchens are Hot

It’s no longer enough to toss a few dogs on the hibachi. Outdoor kitchens and grilling stations have evolved in popularity to encompass counter space, high-tech cookery, sinks, and fridges, luring many homeowners in to a backyard feast in 2017.

Fire Pits Seek More Space

As in a separate area – not a larger patio. Shifting this area away from the patio and dining area to a nearby destination and connecting the space with hardscaping to tie the two sites together presents opportunities for a larger, multifunctional outdoor livings space, as well as facilitate safer operation.

Bluestone Corners the Market – and Yards

Naturally occurring bluestone, quarried here in the U.S., was a popular addition to patio spaces last year. Surprising low-maintenance and durable, this stunning stone solution lends a lovely, elegant feel to backyard designs. Availability of both rectangular and flagstone cuts makes it suitable for modern and rustic styles, its beautiful blue-gray shades pairing well with plumbago and hydrangeas.

Pergolas Pull-Together Backyard Designs

Patio covers were increasingly added to backyard landscapes last year, not just to provide shade, but to improve the indoor to outdoor transition, and give spaces a more ‘room-like’ feel. Winning shelter solutions take this a step further, offering multi-functional use and extending the backyard season.

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More than a Fair Weather Accessory

For the ultimate in outdoor living comfort, and to make the most out of your outdoor living investment, StruXure adjustable pergolas offer the proverbial ‘cherry on top’ of any patio design, providing sun, shade and shelter at the touch of a button. Open up to reveal beautiful blue skies, taking advantage of 170-degrees of rotational flexibility to dial-in the perfect amount of shade, or quickly close for leak-free protection in a rainstorm. Durable and heat reflective, aluminum pergolas are built to withstand even hurricane-force winds, requiring only occasional soap-and-water maintenance.

Top-off your patio design with the most sought-after outdoor living features among homeowners, adding value and functionality to your space. Don’t just dream it. Do it. Contact StruXure Denver to learn how today.

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