Should you incorporate a water feature into your outdoor living space? The beautiful, soothing effects of a trickling fountain of water are the perfect accompaniment to your home pergola, enticing your family into the relaxing atmosphere of your backyard. However, these aren’t the only benefits a water feature offers. In addition to these pleasing, relaxing aesthetics, they offer many other surprising advantages. 

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Water Features Cool the Air

Fountains offer a cooling effect. When moving fountain water mixes with nearby air, it promotes evaporation, providing relief from the sun’s heat. This effect is more pronounced with fountains that spray water into the air, as opposed to smooth, flat ponds.

To maximize cooling potential, close the louvers on your adjustable pergola and enjoy your fountain in an enclosed, shaded area. Turn on the ceiling fan beneath your custom-built pergola, boosting evaporation and the wind chill effect. In this way, you can create a new, cooler micro-climate in your backyard.

Water Features Mitigate Noise

Fountains are also a great way to mask irksome city noises from traffic, mowers, and people. The pleasant sounds of trickling, splashing moving water mitigate noise, creating a more relaxing environment. In fact, many fountains are specifically designed to combat area noise pollution. Fountains with a high-pressure flow, that drop water from a substantial height onto a hard surface, create loud water sounds for masking high-volume noises. This effect can be amplified by placing tile or stainless steel surfaces nearby or softened with adobe walls. Strategically placed walls can further direct or absorb sound, ensuring a more enjoyable outdoor atmosphere.

Water Features are Fully-Compatible with StruXure Aluminum Pergolas

StruXure residential pergolas are the perfect companion for your backyard water feature. Engineered to withstand moisture, chlorine, and salt, resisting oxidation and corrosion, they feature fully-extruded aluminum construction and durable, Akzo Nobel powder-coated finish. Place your water feature immediately next to beneath your pergola system. Our easy-care louvered pergolas will not breakdown, even with repeated water exposure, so you can feel free to sit back and enjoy your trickling fountain as long as you like. Your pergola will last a lifetime. Open louvers to bask in the sun, or close them to cool off in the shade next to your soothing water feature, with no worries about maintenance and wear.

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