Bar sheds are all the rage in outdoor patio ideas. But sweating it out in a shack with a beer in-hand may be a bit overrated. Luckily, you can still have your beer – and drink it too – in place with an added shot of style and comfort, turning your outdoor living space into the neighborhood’s new favorite Friday night hot spot.

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Raise Your Glass to a Winning Outdoor Bar Design

  • Cheers to Elbow Room
    Size is integral to the design of an outdoor bar area. A tiny nook won’t give you enough space to pour drinks and serve friends. Consider how many people you’ll regularly attend, alongside suitable seating. Are space-saving stools best? Or comfy and communal booth-style options? Can you extend seating to the open lawn?
  • Avoiding Location Hangovers
    Bars are meant for laughter, conversation and the occasional singalong. Avoiding proximity to children’s rooms and cranky neighbors is key to good bar feng-shui.
  • Happy Hour Power
    Unless you’re going to go ice bucket and cooler-style, chances are you’re going to need added electrical to power your mini-fridge, blender, and that coveted outdoor flat screen and speaker setup. Depending on your home, this may need to be trenched in in advance.
  • Preventing Watered-Down Drinks
    No matter where your bar is located, you’ll need shelter to get the party started – and keep it going all year long. StruXure pergolas have you covered. Dial-in the comfort to let the sun shine in on your party, or keep rain out of your rum with this customizable pergola’s unique interlocking, 170-degree adjustable louvered roof design. Motorized screens keep bugs out of your beer, and convenient, pre-programmable iLouver app-driven operation with optional rain-sensing technology ensure no drunk-dialing.
  • Beer Goggles: Outfitting Your Bar
    Décor is key to outdoor bar ambiance. Do you want to go dive bar-style with your license plate collection? Tiki bar with bright Polynesian flair? Classic Irish pub? Sports bar motif complete with flat screen? High-class lounge with outdoor fireplace? Options are nearly as limitless as personalities.
  • BYOB
    Adding alcohol, and securely storing it, may turn out to be the most expensive part of your backyard bar. Once word gets out, you may become popular with the neighbors. Safely store and secure spirits via purchased or custom cabinetry. And don’t forget the bottle opener centerpiece.

Get Financing

An amazing backyard bar is worth the investment. After all, as Ben Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Ready to ‘take a shot’ at a more exciting, entertaining outdoor living experience? Schedule a design consultation with StruXure Denver Pergola today.

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