The high mountain winds and gusty conditions of the Denver area can take a toll on outdoor furnishings. Safeguard your porch or patio space with the strength and beauty of Defender retractable wind screens from industry leader Progressive Screens. Defender Screens outperform all others on the market, providing unparalleled protection.

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One Screen, Multiple Lines of Defense

A single investment in a Defender motorized high wind screen system delivers protection against pesky insects, harmful UV light, and provides privacy. Most importantly, it can protect your outdoor living area against high winds, withstanding winds in excess of 156 mph, Category 5 hurricane-force winds. Defender retractable wind screens are designed for worry-free, lasting use, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Defender Patio Screens Withstand High Winds and Flying Debris

Defender retractable wind screens are the only system in the world that uses magnetic fields to absorb the impacts of high wind and flying debris while maintaining a flat, uniform screen appearance. Self Adjusting Technology (SAT) facilitates free deployment in windy, gusty conditions without hang-ups or rewraps. Roller and weight bars are engineered to deliver unparalleled strength, rigidity, and durability. The fabric blend of high tenacity PET and Aramid core yarns encapsulated with durable vinyl withstands UV rays, offering maximum protectio

High-Quality Construction

Each component of Defender motorized patio screens is designed to enhance performance and withstand the most severe environmental conditions. The system features a fully extruded, powder-coated aluminum construction for lasting durability and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Stainless steel fasteners hold strong and never rust, and vinyl-coated screening resists damage and facilitates easy cleaning. Internal neodymium magnets and a free-floating, self-adjusting track with built-in obstacle detection ensure consistent, trouble-free deployment with every use.

Defender Motorized Screens Exceed Rigorous Performance Standards

Defender motorized screen systems are certified to exceed performance standards in spans of up to 30 feet, including:

  • TAS 201, 201, 203, 203-94
  • ASTM E330, E1886 & E1996
  • Florida Product Approval: #FL30798
  • Design Pressure up to +/- 200 PSF

Fully Automated Motorized Screen Operation

Control your motorized Defender Screens at the push of a button by handheld remote or wall/tabletop switch. Or take advantage of built-in Radio Technology Somfy (RTS), operating your wind screens on-demand or according to a pre-programmed schedule using your smartphone using the MyLink Trifold app or via your home automation system.

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