StruXure Denver offers custom pergola sizing, allowing you to craft the perfect shelter for your outdoor living area. We don’t force you to choose from standard sizes like box store brands. We understand the right size pergola structure is integral to outdoor living enjoyment, offering precise, custom pergola designs that perfectly fit your property. What size is best for your application? The perfect pergola size will vary based on yard size and how you plan to use your space.


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Why Should You Be Wary of Choosing the Wrong Pergola Size?

Trying to save a few bucks by ordering the smallest pergola possible could make your entire investment worthless. Furniture wedged tightly beneath an undersized pergola has little sun or rain protection. Conversely, overspending on an unnecessarily large pergola also presents problems. An oversized pergola can dwarf your home, eat up valuable backyard real estate, and feel warehouse-like and impersonal beneath. Fortunately, unlike cookie-cutter pergola kits that come in limited sizes, our custom louvered pergolas allow you to integrate just the right amount of sheltered space. Our pergola design professionals can help you find the best size residential or commercial pergola for your application, ensuring versatile, rain or shine use.

When to Choose a Small Aluminum Pergola

Small pergolas between 10 and 12 feet offer homeowners with small patios and balconies the opportunity to add functional, usable square footage, such as outdoor bistro dining or flexible multi-use space. StruXure offers two small pergola options, including homeowner favorite, the Pivot 6, with sizes from 12 x 12 to 12 x 20, and our small freestanding pergola, the Cabana X. This pre-designed pergola has a 10 x 10 footprint. It installs quickly without requiring permitting and is a favorite at water parks and resorts, offering guests privacy and weather protection.

When to Choose a Medium Aluminum Pergola

Are you concerned a small pergola could leave you feeling cramped by furnishings? A medium-sized aluminum outdoor structure of approximately 15 x 20 may be more your size. A medium-sized pergola can cover your entire patio, allowing you to integrate an outdoor kitchen and bar, living room, poolside sun deck, employee picnic area, business entryway shelter, and more. How much space should you incorporate into your custom louvered pergola design? Measuring your desired furnishings, creating a chalk or tape outline, and navigating your imaginary outdoor living area can help you determine if you have adequate square footage.


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When to Choose a Large Aluminum Pergola

A large pergola can be a great way to add valuable, functional real estate to your home or business. To meet the needs of applications beyond our largest 12 x 20 single pergola system, we offer these options for multizone designs, including:

  • The Pivot 6 XL, our largest pergola system, can handle three times more rainwater than the Pivot 6.
  • The Pan 6 is perfect for multizone designs where you want to integrate louvered roof panels with fixes/statics pans.

Restaurant owners favor our large pergola systems for turning unused real estate into dependable, revenue-generating seating. They’re also an excellent option for expansive residential yards, allowing homeowners to incorporate an interconnected design. Add zones for whatever features you desire, mimicking your interior home layout with an outdoor living area, kitchen and dining space, outdoor office, play area for the kids, and more.

Leave Retail Pergola Kits Where They Sit

With StruXure adjustable pergolas, you’ll never have to compromise your design based on the limited options of off-the-shelf pergola kits. We offer nearly endless sizing and design options:

  • Adjustable louvers with up to 170 degrees of flexibility
  • Integrated gutter system for leak-free rain protection
  • Freestanding and attached pergola designs
  • White, black, beige, bronze, adobe, and gray premium powder coating and faux wood wrap
  • Architectural columns and custom cut-ends
  • Remote control, Somfy MyLink app, or home automation operation
  • Built-in accessories, including lighting, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, and motorized screens

Looking for inspiration? Check out our residential pergola gallery or commercial pergola gallery design galleries. With over 500 installs in Highlands Ranch, Bow Mar, Cherry Hills, Englewood, and the rest of the Denver area, you might see your neighbors in our Gallery.

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