One of the most common questions we encounter at Denver Pergola Systems, is “What size pergola do I need?” This is partially because consumers are accustomed to being boxed-in by box-store standard sizing. With StuXure adjustable aluminum pergolas, however, this is not the case, as each shelter solution can be customized to meet your exact needs. How do you determine those sizing needs? Pergola sizing is ultimately tied to patio size.

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Determining Patio (& Pergola) Size

Patio size is influenced by a variety of factors, including yard size, your intention for your outdoor space (cooking, dining, office, etc.), and furnishings. Many homeowners unintentionally end up with a patio that is either too small, feeling cramped by furniture, or an overly large space that lacks intimacy. The trick is ensuring adequate space to allow for movement around furnishings and proportioning each correctly to avoid a warehouse-like feel.

Finding the Patio Type that’s Right for You:

  • Bistro
    Tucked away in smaller spaces, bistro patios can be a challenge to design large enough for function yet small enough to squeeze into tight, typically 6-7-foot in diameter spaces. Want more in your bistro-size space? Check out these tips.
  • Kitchen
    Like home kitchens, there’s a huge array of amenity and sizing variations here. What best suits your needs? Shop, get dimensions, create a chalk outline, then navigate your imaginary kitchen space to ensure adequate elbow room.
  • Dining
    How many will you be serving at evening meals? Allocate at least a 10-foot space for the typical 4-person dining round table; 11-feet for a 6-person round. Going rectangular? The typical setup (seating 2 on each side and one at each table head) takes approximately a 13×10 patio space. 3-feet surrounding furniture is ideal for movement. Adding more furnishings? You should likewise add to your patio footprint.
  • Living Room
    Outdoor living rooms are hugely popular. Featuring technology and furnishings just as plush and large as indoor options, they are likewise supersized: 16-18 feet across, with an ideal 3-feet of clearance surrounding furniture for traffic flow. As outdoor living spaces incorporate multiple functions, a central conservation area, such as a fire feature, is integral to creating intimacy. Paver designs/colors, masonry seat walls, and outdoor rugs are ideal for defining key areas.
    Avoid these common mistakes.
  • Sundeck
    Calculate a sundeck space featuring a 2×6-foot space per lounge chair, with cocktail tables in-between. Ensure a 3-foot walking space at the foot of chairs – 5-feet to prevent an accidental splash in the pool.
  • Bar
    Like kitchens, there’s a nearly endless number of bar variations, from portable models to all-out Irish pub fare for the extended family.
  • Bath
    Outdoor baths and showers are growing in popularity. Is this addition an ideal choice for your outdoor space? LINK: Recent bath/shower blog
  • Outdoor Office
    Personalize your outdoor office for form, function, and productivity with these tips.


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Shop for Furniture First

After deciding on your outdoor living space ‘theme’ and checking with your local municipality and homeowner’s association to verify how much of your outdoor real estate is up for grabs, take your measurements, shopping for furnishings and appliances first. This can help you design a patio properly sized to meet ‘must-have’ features without any space-hogging surprises. This should include seating/lounges, tables and chairs, and other integral functional and design elements such as grills, bars, fireplaces/fire pits, water features, and large planters/greenery. All the ‘stuff.’ Keep a detailed list, taking photos, and before you purchase, go home and consider the sizing and placement of your intended additions. This chart is a great reference for estimating furniture/patio dimensions.

Calculate Your Ideal Pergola Dimensions

Now that you’ve put in the prep work, it’s time to order your pergola. Patio size = pergola size, so it’s crucial not to cut corners. Sleek and space-saving, your StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola will prove the linchpin of your design, preserving your outdoor enjoyment rain or shine with iLouver app or remote operation and 170-degrees of rotational flexibility for the perfect amount of sun, shade or shelter. Add the finishing touches with comfort control solutions ranging from lighting to motorized screens for pests and privacy, and ceiling fans/patio heaters for year-round comfort, incorporating your pergola seamlessly into the design of your home with custom color and accessory options.

Unsure of your patio design? Our professional design team can help. Ensure an outdoor living area design that serves as an extension of your home, enjoying its use year-round. Open up to new ways to use your outdoor space with Denver Pergola Systems today.

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