Since pandemic lockdowns and social distancing pushed us to the brink, we all want more outdoor living space. A place to escape, relax, cook, exercise, work – and especially a safe place to gather with friends as the latest variants test our patience. We want to make the most of every piece of outdoor real estate, and we want it to be a functional, enjoyable part of our home. What does it take to achieve this new American dream?

Maximize Use of Available Outdoor Space

It’s no surprise the pandemic is pushing people to create outdoor living spaces that are more prolific than pre-pandemic designs. Planning for a larger outdoor living space gives you added flexibility to adapt to changing family needs. Since you’re not investing the usual funds on vacationing and travel, why not spend it on your home instead, improving your yard and your family’s home enjoyment by:

  • Adding a porch
    Large, inviting porches add curb appeal and offer a place to gather with friends and neighbors, regardless of the weather.
  • Adding a patio
    Patios offer a more private outdoor retreat for your family, serving as a transition between your home and the great outdoors.
  • Adding a porch & patio with a zoned design
    Expansive outdoor living designs are the new norm. Large multifunctional or zoned outdoor spaces, rather than small single-use additions, give your family the ability to perform multiple activities outdoors.


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Create Smooth Transitions Between Indoor & Outdoor Areas

Creating a natural transition that blurs the lines between indoors and out is at the heart of successful outdoor living designs. To achieve this, merge or blend features in your indoor and outdoor living areas, bringing the indoors out and outdoors in. Choose similar outdoor fabrics and flooring, matching pillows and throw blankets, outdoor rugs, and potted plants. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor settings ensures your porch or patio addition will become a regular part of your daily life – a useful place for activities that expands your home’s living area.

Provide the Comforts of the Indoors with an Adjustable Pergola

Outdoor shelter is essential to prevent your porch or patio addition from becoming unusable in the fickle Colorado climate. Denver Pergola Systems knows how to work with Mother Nature, providing versatile patio shelter that evolves on-demand to meet your needs. StruXure Pivot 6 louvered roof pergolas adjust at the touch of a button, allowing you to let in the sunlight, provide the ideal amount of shade, or protect your family and furnishings from rain and snow. Unlike flimsy patio umbrellas and shade sails, they’re built to withstand any weather, from hurricane-force winds to hail and heavy snow loads. Use your outdoor space longer from day to day and season to season, incorporating amenities like:

  • Built-in LED lighting for 24/7 use of your porch or patio
  • Ceiling fans, patio heaters, and misting systems for comfort
  • Motorized screens for enhanced weather protection and privacy
  • Remote control or smart device operation
  • Optional rain, wind, and ice sensors for automatic response to changing weather


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Use Folding or Sliding Doors for Continuous Flow from Indoors to Out

Expansive folding and sliding doors and windows are ideal for creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living rooms. They provide an open, airy feel smaller standard doors do not, creating a relaxing atmosphere and making both indoor and outdoor living spaces feel larger.

Think Beyond Standard Patio Furnishings

Avoid cheap, uncomfortable plastic tables and chairs. Invest in quality and comfort, considering how you want to use your outdoor space and furnishing your patio as you would your home. Choose flexible, multipurpose outdoor furniture and accessories so that your space is easy to adapt to your changing needs. Items such as modular seating, adjustable daybeds, extendable tables, or tables that double as seating or storage are especially useful for small or multipurpose spaces.

Improve Your Quality of Life with these Popular Outdoor Living Additions

COVID has inspired homeowners across the nation to dream of new and innovative ways to enjoy their outdoor living spaces:

  • Outdoor kitchen
    Prepare healthy home-cooked meals outdoors with your family on a traditional gas, charcoal, or electric grill in a fully equipped outdoor kitchen  with a sink and refrigerator.
  • Al fresco dining
    Wind down at the end of the day, putting away technology to enjoy a delicious meal with your family in the beauty of the outdoors.
  • Outdoor bar
    Sip homemade cocktails with friends or family at a stylish, all-weather bar next to a large outdoor flatscreen while watching the big game.
  • Gathering area with fire feature
    Gas-powered fire pits and fire tables make an excellent design centerpiece and are perfectly safe to operate beneath your aluminum pergola. Pair with cushy seating to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere even the kids won’t be able to resist. (Did somebody say s’mores?)
  • Multiuse space
    The pandemic has made indoor gatherings difficult. Outdoor get-togethers are now the first choice for adults and kids. A thoughtfully designed, multiuse, pergola-covered outdoor space with numerous gathering areas and activities offers your family a safe, relaxing place to get together.
  • Relaxing retreat
    We’ve all had a pandemic moment or two where we felt like we had to escape our family, or quite simply, life. Why not create a sanity-saving space to accommodate a bit of daily quiet time outdoors in the fresh air amongst nature – a setting scientifically proven to improve mental health.
  • Get more from your home with a new outdoor living addition. Expand your living area and uncover new ways to use your space. Open up to a new era of outdoor living with help from Denver Pergola Systems. Contact us at 303-505-6669 to schedule a complimentary design consultation or learn more about our 3-D rendering services today.

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