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Tips for Planning Your 2022 Outdoor Kitchen with a Pergola

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Tips for Planning Your 2022 Outdoor Kitchen with a Pergola

Are you ready to take the first steps toward adding an outdoor kitchen to your home? Considering essential details ahead of construction paves the way for project success. The spacing and placement of countertops, flooring, appliances, furnishings, utility access and shelter are integral to a well-performing kitchen, impacting layout and function. StruXure pergola design pros offer these tips for planning your 2022 outdoor kitchen with a pergola to help you ensure you don’t overlook key details.

Choosing Where to Locate Your Outdoor Kitchen

You have two options for your outdoor kitchen location. Each has its own advantages:

  • Satellite kitchen

Locating your kitchen away from your home is a great way to differentiate this space, turning it into an outdoor oasis. However, this remote location can make accessing gas, electricity, and water more difficult and expensive.

  • Perimeter kitchen

Adding your kitchen along the perimeter of your home offers easy access to gas, electricity, and water, reducing construction costs. In this location, you’ll also enjoy fast access to in-home cooking supplies.  

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Plan for Inclement Weather with an Aluminum Pergola 

There’s nothing more frustrating than planning to cook a nice dinner on the grill or host a family event at your home, only to be thwarted by bad weather. StruXure louvered roof pergolas keep your food and your family protected from the elements year-round. Open louvers on your Pivot 6 to enjoy beautiful clear skies, angle up to 170-degrees for shade protection and ventilation on sunny days, or fully close louvers to seal out rain and snow, enjoying leak-free rain protection. Enhance your pergola design with motorized insect screens and Somfy-powered, sensor-driven operation, enjoying ease of use. 

Outdoor Kitchen Layout Considerations

When planning where to locate kitchen features, professional designers recommend following the ‘kitchen triangle’ rule. The points of your triangle, including the grill, fridge, and sink, should be placed within comfortable walking distance of one another. Give our grill top priority, located in a safe spot where you can cook undisturbed, away from children and frequently used pathways, to guard against injury.

Choosing Countertops and Flooring for Your Outdoor Kitchen 

Outdoor countertops must be wider than the kitchen counters in your home to accommodate the added girth of a grill, at 30-36 inches in depth. Counter height remains the same, at 36 inches for countertops and 42 for bar tops. Popular countertop surfaces include concrete and natural stone, of which there is a large variety. Research carefully, as each has distinct benefits and drawbacks.

Shopping for Outdoor Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Due to the growing popularity of outdoor living, there is an endless variety of options in appliances and furnishings to place beneath your louvered pergola. Don’t forget these outdoor kitchen essentials:

  • Grill

As the heart of your outdoor kitchen design, a high-quality grill is a wise investment. The cook and cleanup crew often drive the choice between gas and charcoal models. Choosing built-in/drop-in models offers a cleaner, more finished appearance. Carefully considering what you’ll cook outside and comparing features will ensure lasting use.

  • Sink

We recommend including a low-maintenance, all-season friendly stainless-steel sink in your outdoor kitchens to make prep and cooking easier and reduce trips indoors. Cold-water-only plumbing offers additional savings.

  • Fridge

A small stainless-steel fridge offers a place to store food nearby safely. Choosing an outdoor-rated model ensures longevity and safety. 

  • Storage

Ample built-in storage prevents the need to tote cooking gear back and forth. This feature is essential for satellite kitchen designs. 

  • Furnishings

Quality, comfortable seating and tables built to withstand the elements set the stage for outdoor enjoyment. 


Get Financing

  Plan Early to Avoid Delays Due to Supply Chain Issues 

Would you like to have your outdoor kitchen installed by the spring? Planning ahead is essential. As with many other items this year, supply issues surrounding aluminum and product scarcity are increasing lead times, which can be extensive (14-20 weeks). Advanced planning ensures your outdoor kitchen will be installed on time and on budget.

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