Can you put a fire pit under a pergola? Yes, you can. With proper ventilation, mindful placement, and common-sense safety practices, you and your family can safely enjoy the ambiance of a fire pit beneath your StruXture pergola. Many believe it is unsafe to place a fire pit beneath a pergola; however, this is a misconception.

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Fire Pits and Pergolas Work Well Together

It is dangerous to have a fire feature in an enclosed area due to improper ventilation and carbon monoxide dangers. StruXture pergolas, however, present no issues with ventilation. They are open on all four sides, offering additional ventilation with up to 180-degrees of louver adjustment at your fingertips.

Cozy Up to the Warmth of a Fire Beneath Your StruXture Pergola

StruXture pergolas make it possible to safely and comfortably gather with your family next to the warmth of a fire pit or similar fire feature. The fully-extruded aluminum design of a StruXture pergola is fire feature friendly, sealing out rain and snow with the flick of a button or swipe of a smartphone.

Check local regulations.

Always check with your local city/county planning commission before purchasing a firepit or fire feature. Some areas prohibit the use of certain styles.           

Ensure adequate clearance.

Never place a fire pit close to overhanging branches or too close to your home. Allow ample space to walk around your fire pit, including space to move furnishings when necessary.

Schedule professional installation.

Placing your fire pit to close to your StruXture pergola could result in soot accumulation or discoloration. Professional installation ensures your fire feature is located the proper distance from your pergola and nearby structures.

  • Use a fire screen with wood-burning models.
    Wood burning fire pits are safe to use beneath your pergola, however, a fire screen is necessary to contain ashes and embers.
  • Practice common sense fire safety:

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    • Always keep a fire extinguisher on-hand.
    • Place your fire pit on a flat, steady surface.
    • Never leave children by a fire feature unattended.
    • Do not leave wood-burning fires unattended if hot embers remain.

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