You already know Denver Pergolas are perfect for creating an outdoor living space that’s fun and functional year-round. But did you know our ingeniously designed louvered pergolas offer year-round indoor comfort and energy savings as well?

Comfortable Outside… and In

Fully adjustable Denver Pergolas allow you to harness the power of passive heating and cooling for your home or business. Simply adjust the louvres for full sun to complete shade – or anything in between – to maintain a more comfortable indoor environment.

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Passively Perfect

Whether you’re looking for rays of warmth in the winter or solar relief in the summer, Denver Pergolas has your passive heating and cooling needs covered year-round:

  • Spring & Summer
    Close the louvres of your Denver Pergola for complete protection against the sun’s rays, preventing heat gain from making you sweat and forcing your cooling system to work overtime. The heavy duty aluminum construction fights heat, significantly reducing the air temperature underneath compared to other open pergolas or sun shades.
  • Fall & Winter
    Tilt louvres for maximum sun penetration, letting warmth and Vitamin D shine in through your wintry windows. Radiant heat is absorbed through your floors, walls, and furniture to be later dispersed as evening air cools, helping you maintain a more comfortable temperature.
  • Year-Round
    Add outdoor curtains and motorized screens for privacy and improved weather protection every month of the year.

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The unique design of Denver Pergolas delivers light and warmth when and where you want it, and offers protection when you don’t, creating the perfect environment for year-round comfort, outdoors and in. Available in manual, solar, or remote control electric operating systems to better meet your needs.

Beauty, comfort, value and savings. What more could you ask for? Take advantage of Mother Nature in every imaginable way. Contact StruXure Denver today.

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