Weather is cooling off. Will your customers be shoving off to warmer venues? With the latest in covered patio designs from StruXure Denver, you can extend your business well into the winter, hanging on to your loyal customer base and boosting revenue beyond the typical outdoor season.

Comfy & Dry – Adjustable Pergola Technology

Protect patrons from Denver’s rain, snow or blinding afternoon sun with the latest in adjustable pergola technology. With a full 170-degrees of rotation and remote control or smart-device-driven operation, seal out the rain and snow with the touch of a button, take shelter from the afternoon sun, or indulge in its warmth and light in the morning and afternoon hours. Arcadia adjustable pergolas and awnings provide the ultimate in outdoor comfort, allowing your business and patrons to take prime advantage of outdoor space, no matter the weather.

Warm & Cozy – Patio Heaters

Add needed warmth with infrared patio heating technology. Creating radiant heat like the sun’s rays, infrared heating solutions give warmth to the objects surrounding them, rather than releasing heat into the air. Preventing heat from escaping into the atmosphere, infrared heaters provide the ultimate in patron comfort and energy efficient warmth. A single, 1500-watt heater costs only 30-cents an hour to operate, an expense that is quickly and easily recouped with a single sale. Infrared heaters blend seamlessly into your aluminum pergola structure, mounting conveniently overhead.

Unmatched Ambiance – Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Among today’s most requested outdoor features, the cozy warmth and beautiful flames of outdoor fireplaces and gas fire pits offer an inviting atmosphere and additional warmth. Such creature comforts are easily added with the Arcadia pergola. The pergola’s fully extruded aluminum construction nixes fire safety issues, and ventilation of particulates is a breeze whether louvers are opened or closed.

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Private & Protected – Motorized Screens

Provide privacy and protection with motorized pergola screens from industry pioneer Progressive Screens. Motorized screens quickly create a quiet, relaxing patron environment, free of flying pests and the glare of the sun, as well as better control the thermal environment of your outdoor area. Available in a variety of standard and custom screen colors, the smooth, consistent movement of these stylish, innovative screens ensures secure protection with every use. Operate from anywhere in your business via remote or smart-device, or add optional weather responsive sensor tech for the ultimate in convenience.

Getting ready to close-up for the season? Step outside the box – and let your customers in. Make the most of your outdoor dining space. Contact StruXure Denver today.

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