Your Denver business has a lot of outdoor shelter options, from traditional wood to plastic, composite, and metal pergolas. All commercial pergolas offer the opportunity to define space and add seating and shelter, but they are not created equal. Are aluminum pergolas worth the money? Weighing the pros and cons of each style, including versatility, maintenance, and overall cost, will ensure lasting happiness with your pergola investment.

Choosing Between Commercial Pergola Construction Options

Popular choices for commercial pergolas include:

Wood pergolas
Wood pergolas offer a traditional appeal. Though popular for their low price point, they have a short lifespan and require substantial upkeep. Routine staining or painting is essential to prevent deterioration from pests, mold, and mildew.
Vinyl pergolas
Vinyl pergolas cost more than wood, though they have a lower-quality appearance. They require less maintenance but are less sturdy and durable than wood or aluminum pergolas, especially when weighed down with snow.
Aluminum pergolas
Aluminum pergolas cost more than wood and vinyl but offer a longer lifespan. They are low maintenance and built for a lifetime of use. Aluminum pergolas are fire and termite resistant and won’t rot, rust, warp, or crack with time. Lightweight construction makes them an excellent choice for installation on decks.

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StruXure Aluminum Pergolas Offer the Ultimate in Versatility and Durability

StruXure pergolas outshine competing products. Unlike fixed roof designs, our adjustable louvered pergolas open and close on demand, offering up to 170 degrees of flexibility. Dial in the perfect amount of sun, shade, or rain protection with the click of a remote or swipe on your mobile device, or integrate sensors for weather-responsive operation. They’re an ideal solution for:

  • Restaurants
  • Community pools
  • Clubhouses
  • Event venues
  • Green spaces

Custom Sizing and Accessories Ensure Lasting Commercial Pergola Use

Design your commercial pergola to complement your architecture or reflect your theme. Create a single or multi-zone attached or freestanding pergola system in your choice of several popular colors or faux-wood wrap, with custom cut ends or architectural columns. StruXure’s modern pergolas incorporate built-in accessories to facilitate year-round use, including recessed lights, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, speakers, and flatscreen TVs.

Enhance your pergola design with motorized screens or curtains. Roller screens provide weather protection from all angles, shielding guests and furnishings from sunlight, rain, and snow. Create zoned areas or ensure privacy from those passing by. Take advantage of opportunities for energy savings, opening or closing louvers and screens to prevent heat gain or loss in attached buildings. Roll screens or curtains into place when you need them, then away for unencumbered views when you don’t.

Reap the Benefits of Durable, Low Maintenance Outdoor Shelter

Turn unused space into reliable, functional square footage with StruXure’s commercial pergolas. Our aluminum pergolas are built to last and backed by a limited lifetime transferrable warranty. StruXure pergolas feature a fully extruded powder-coated aluminum construction, premium powder coating, stainless steel fasteners, and high-quality American-made CE and UL-certified motors. Lightweight yet strong, our pergolas withstand rain, hail, snow, hurricane-force winds, dirt, and corrosion with minimal maintenance – just an occasional light pressure wash or spray down with a hose is all you need to keep your pergola looking its best.

Get More for Your Money with StruXure Commercial Pergolas

Prevent repair and replacement headaches with a cutting-edge aluminum pergola from StruXure Denver. Contact us at 303-500-6669 to schedule a design consultation today. 

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