Are you in the process of outfitting your outdoor space for the 2020 season? We’ve got the details on summer’s hottest patio ideas. Read on to uncover the most popular design and décor trends, technology, and accessories homeowners are incorporating into their deck and patio designs.

Comfort & Function Rule

Comfort and function are at the heart of design choices this year, particularly in furniture selection. Furnishings that are ergonomic and versatile are taking center stage in 2020, such as modular furniture and hanging chairs and sofas that are flexible and easily moveable.

Think “double duty,” choosing options that add another level of function in addition to seating, such as storage, a cooler, or side tables. Multifunctional spaces you can use for cooking, dining, entertainment, and relaxing will stand above the rest. Get creative with your additions, impressing your guests with a space that looks great and works even better.

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Mixed materials are where it’s at for 2020. Diverse materials and contrasting colors and textures are on-trend this year. Starkly contrasting colors are bringing darker palettes into play, including charcoals and black.

Concrete and wood flooring, decking, and pathways live in harmony, defining zones and creating crisp, clean lines. Copper, aluminum, brass, and chrome remain popular and add a touch flair, alone or in combination.

Accentuate these choices with complementary cushions, pillows, throws, or towels for a finished look that is the cherry on top of your design.

Green is More than a Buzzword

With the world focused on climate change, expect green to remain a leading color in outdoor designs. Incorporate it in its most natural form with living plants and trees. Vibrant and organic, pair it with complementary pastels, contrasting blacks, and crisp whites.

Shelter Shines

Today’s homeowners want to make the most of their free time and outdoor living investment, taking covered patios from nicety to necessity. Beautiful and versatile, StruXure louvered roof systems allow you to indulge in your outdoor retreat in any weather. Close louvers to seal out rain. Later, when the weather clears, open up to revel in the warmth of the sun, dialing in the perfect amount of shade when temperatures climb.

Decked Out Designs Rule

Decked out, fully accessorized outdoor spaces that are anything but utilitarian are popular and in high-demand by homeowners. They include accessories that encourage year-round enjoyment, such as:  

  • Built-in lights
    Programmable LED pot lights, built into your pergola design, are a fun and functional addition, dimming or changing color to set the perfect mood.
  • Ceiling fans & patio heaters
    Ceiling fans never lose their popularity in the dog days of summer, helping you cool off quickly, while in the winter, energy-efficient infrared patio heaters extend the season.
  • Motorized screens
    Motorized screens and curtains add privacy in busy areas, defining your outdoor space and guarding against pests.
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  • Fire feature
    Fire pits and fireplaces are a hot trend this year. Learn why fire pits make a great addition beneath your StruXure aluminum pergola.
  • Kitchen additions
    The most popular outdoor kitchen designs go beyond a lonely grill, incorporating a griddle, pizza oven, wine cooler, minifridge, and more.

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