StruXure louvered pergolas offer tons of built-in accessory options and are almost infinitely customizable, making them one of the easiest patio shelters to decorate. There are many ways to personalize your pergola, making your deck or patio a welcoming space you can’t wait to indulge in. What are the best décor ideas for your louvered pergola design? Here’s a little inspiration.

Ceiling Fans and Infrared Patio Heaters for Seasonal Comfort

Integrated ceiling fans and infrared patio heaters are a popular addition to StruXure pergolas. They’re essential in the summer and winter, ensuring a comfortable outdoor living space that allows you to spend more time outdoors, even in weather extremes.

Motorized Screens and Curtains Provide Improved Climate Control

Motorized screens offer another line of defense against inclement weather. They improve sunlight protection and reduce glare as the sun changes position in the sky. They also cut frigid winter wind and keep rain and snow off patio furnishings. Curtains can be integrated as well for improved privacy and a resort-like feel. Paired with integrated ceiling fans and infrared patio heaters as part of your modern aluminum pergola design, they provide year-round comfort.


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Built-In Pergola Lighting Facilitates 24/7 Use

Lighting can have a significant impact on overall pergola design and function. Recessed ‘pot’ lights give you the ability to use your pergola anytime, day or night. They can also help set the ambiance for your outdoor living endeavors. Choosing lights with a dimmable function allows you to adjust light output. Incorporating LED strip lights or color-changing bulbs creates a festive feel for any holiday or event, from quiet, romantic dinners to energetic holiday celebrations.

An Outdoor Television Provides All-Ages Fun & Entertainment

With an outdoor TV, you can turn your patio space into a destination for popular sports events or entice the kids outside for family movie night. Outdoor-rated models stand up to sunlight and temperature extremes, providing lasting enjoyment. StruXure pergolas make integrating an outdoor TV easy. Precise louver adjustment minimizes glare, and roller screens and curtains easily manage the sun’s changing angle, providing a cinema-like experience.

Quality, Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Every outdoor patio structure needs inviting furnishings that entice you outdoors day after day. Choose comfort over cuteness, opting for tried-and-true options you can envision yourself using:


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  • Outdoor dining table and chairs for weeknight meals or weekend get-togethers
  • Bistro set for a quiet or romantic meal outdoors
  • Cushy sofa sectional for relaxing together with the family
  • Chaise lounges for spa and poolside retreats
  • Hammock or swing with stand for fun, functional seating for kids and adults
  • Rocking chairs for a peaceful place to sit back and unwind with a book
  • Outdoor daybed to stretch out and relax in after a long day at work
  • Side tables for snacks and drinks
  • Multifunctional furniture that doubles as storage and seating

Potted Plants for Ambiance and Privacy

Bring plain or barren outdoor living areas to life with decorative pots and planters. Just be sure to keep climbing vines away from patio roofs, where they can inhibit louver rotation. Add evergreens for greenery through even the coldest months. Incorporate seasonal flowers for a pop of color in spring and summer. Love to cook outdoors? Edible foliage might be for you. Need privacy? Surround your adjustable pergola with larger boxes and taller plants for added cover.

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