Beat the Heat on Your Porch or Patio with these 7 Solutions

What are the best ways to stay cool and enjoy your outdoor space in the warm summer months? There are many ways to effectively beat the heat on your porch or patio, from strategic design to home pergolas, fans, misting systems, and water features.

Color Scheme

Many people are surprised to discover how much color scheme can impact outdoor comfort. Color selection is an important consideration when constructing a new outdoor space or redesigning your existing one. Light colors reflect the sun, while dark colors absorb it, causing temperatures to rise. Choosing light colors and furnishings, and investing in building materials that don’t absorb heat, help you keep your backyard cool.

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Home Pergolas

The bright, intense sun of the Denver mountain region can make your porch or patio nearly impossible to enjoy on hot, sunny days, making patio shade an essential addition for a functional outdoor space. StruXure pergolas provide shade on demand without the commitment of a permanent shade structure, making you feel up to 15 degrees cooler than standing in direct sunlight. When evening comes or the summer season progresses to fall and winter, it’s easy to adjust your StruXure aluminum pergola, opening louvers to enjoy the night sky or invite the warmth of the sun on colder days.

Ceiling Fans

Pergola accessories like ceilings fans, built into your pergola system, are a must-have for the summer use of your outdoor porch or patio. The cool breeze of a fan creates a “wind chill effect,” helping you feel up to 8 degrees cooler.

Motorized Screens

Motorized pergola screens provide multifunctional protection. They keep you cool, reducing glare, and offering protection against sunburn when the sun beats onto your porch or patio space from an unfavorable angle. Easily rolled into place, they amplify the effects of ceiling fans, trapping air and deflecting it throughout the room.

Misting Systems

Carefully installed around the perimeter of your pergola system, misting fans are another fabulous way to keep cool. Featuring perforated tubes, when connected to a water supply, they release a fog-like mist that absorbs heat from the air. On your skin, the mist works like perspiration, cooling your body as it evaporates. Ceiling fans amplify this effect.

Evaporative Coolers

If fans alone are not enough to keep you cool and comfortable on your porch or patio, consider an evaporative cooler. Evaporative coolers draw in hot air and cool it by blowing it through a wet filter or pad, without creating a mist. They need fresh, dry air to work efficiently and ample clearance to prevent the recirculating of cooled air. The open design of a louvered roof makes an evaporative cooler an excellent cooling solution. They come in a variety of sizes and are easily rolled into place whenever needed.

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Water Features

Water features such as pools, fountains, and splash pads are a great way to keep cool in the summer heat. The simple addition of an outdoor shower can be a great way to refresh yourself on the hottest Denver days.

Feeling the heat? Don’t let the sun banish you from your backyard. Take back your outdoor living space with the addition of a well-outfitted home pergola from Denver Pergola System today.

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