Why should you install motorized pergola screens? Motorized screens give you the flexibility to continue entertaining and enjoying your outdoor space year-round, in any weather. When you incorporate motorized screens into your customized StruXure pergola systemit’s easy to adjust to Denver weather extremes, enhance comfort and privacy, and ensure protection against the relentless pursuit of pests.

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Motorized Pergola Screens Provide Low-Maintenance Protection

Unlike static screens, which require more extensive maintenance, our custom-made motorized screens from industry pioneer Progressive Screens are strong and high quality. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, they provide lasting protection. Choose from an assortment of colors and styles to meet your needs, from those offering added privacy to options with enhanced sun protection. Pioneer motorized screens provide unparalleled performance, deploying smoothly and ensuring tight, secure protection with every use.

  • Beat the heat.
    Incorporating motorized screens into your StruXure home pergola system ensures UV protection when you need it. Simply roll screens into place for added protection with the push of a button. When summer is over or the hours of intense sunlight have passed, easily roll screens away until they are needed again.
  • Combat heat loss and gain.
    Use the screens and adjustable roof of your louvered pergola system to influence temperatures within your home.
  • Take shelter from the storm.
    Use your screens to deflect rain, keeping your outdoor space dry and comfortable.
  • Keep cozy.
    Motorized screens offer more than summertime use. In the winter, they can help contain the warmth of your patio heater, cut chilling winds, and exclude snow, keeping you warm and comfy.
  • Cut glare.
    When the sun is at an uncomfortable angle, below the level of your residential pergola, roll your screens into place to cut glare on outdoor television and mobile device screens.
  • Give pests the boot.
    Seal out pesky gnats, flies, mosquitos, and other biting and stinging insects with your remote control operated screens, enjoying a peaceful picnic or evening at home.


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Motorized Screen Are Exceptionally Easy to Use

  • Operate screens by remote control on demand.
  • Use screens with RTS Radio Technology Somfy operation.
  • Download the Mylink Trifold smartphone app and run screens on schedule, automatically engaging them for protection against harsh sunlight or afternoon storms.
  • Integrate sun/wind sensing technology for the ultimate convenience.

Get the protection and flexibility you need to enjoy your porch or patio all year long. Learn more about StruXure custom-built pergolas with motorized pergola screens from Denver Pergola Systems today.

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