Are you tired of the ugly view from your side or backyard space? Improve it with privacy screens. Just a touch of vision and creativity can turn an unattractive landscape into a lush, green, attractive outdoor setting. With a few strategically placed fences, walls, and plantings surrounding your well-outfitted home pergola, you can turn your porch or patio into a more inviting, enjoyable space.

Say Goodbye to Nosy Neighbors and Unsightly Views

These outdoor screening solutions are the perfect fix for densely packed neighborhoods or unsightly surroundings, improving the view from your outdoor space and from within your home. Choose a single solution, or better yet, mix it up, creating a beautiful outdoor retreat.

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Louvered Home Pergolas

  • StruXure motorized pergolas offer the ultimate in versatility, allowing you to create a private, relaxing outdoor space with the addition of motorized privacy screens and curtains. Open up pergola louvers to enjoy sky views, or close for shade and rain protection, operating your home pergola via remote control or smartphone using the iLouver app. Integrated pergola accessories like built-in lights, ceiling fans, and patio heaters allow you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round.
  • Planter System and Cedar Panels
    Create privacy and seclusion from nearby neighbors with a low, linear planter bed topped with slotted cedar panels featuring horizontal planks. Stained or painted, cedar is the perfect choice for a more natural outdoor setting. Fill planter beds with lush greenery, placing the slotted cedar panels atop beds to block unsightly views. Breaking the screen up into multiple panels minimizes the feeling of a solid barrier. Pro tip: Vining plants add coverage and enhance beauty – just be sure to keep climbing plants away from the louvered pergola roof.
  • Concrete Feature Wall with Fireplace or Water Feature
    Sit back and relax in comfort beneath your custom aluminum pergola, taking in the inviting ambiance of a fireplace or water feature. These additions, skillfully incorporated into a feature wall, are a great way to separate spaces and improve the looks and value of your outdoor space. For added flair, enhance concrete with an architectural coating or stone veneer that complements your fire or water feature centerpiece.


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  • Tiered Planter Beds
    For long, runway style yards, tiered planter beds can turn a narrow, flat, lackluster view into an attractive garden setting to enjoy from the comfort of your motorized louvered pergola. Integrate taller plants, shrubs, or grasses in the top, back tier for added privacy. Choose contrasting shapes, colors, and textures in subsequent levels for visual interest. Trailing foliage in the lowest tier softens the hard lines of blocky walls and distracts from the long lines of narrow yards.
  • Living Wall
    The addition of a living wall is an excellent way to bring narrow concrete spaces to life. Mounted to a concrete wall, fence, or even the side of a building, a living wall is a perfect solution for tight areas like side patios or rooftop terraces, incorporating large swaths of greenery that bring even dullest outdoor space to life.

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