Do you need a screened enclosure to enjoy your backyard? If you’ve never had a screened outdoor space, you may not realize all the benefits you’re missing out on. Pergola screens add an extra layer of protection, sealing out pests and improving privacy, weather resistance, and comfort. Plus, with the added benefit of installing motorized screens as part of your custom pergola system, they’re never permanent. Slide them in place when you need them – slide them away when you’re through. Your outdoor experience is in your control from moment to moment and season to season.

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Could You Benefit from Motorized Screens?

These signs point to common problems you can easily solve with pergola screens.

You’re constantly swatting bugs.

Flying pests are a common reason for investing in screen enclosures. If you don’t spend as much time as you’d like to enjoying the outdoors because of the annoyance of flies, mosquitoes, and other biting and stinging insects, pergola screens are a worthwhile investment.

The glare on your outdoor TV or mobile device is annoying.

If you avoid spending time on your porch or patio at certain times of the day due to the glare of the sun on your TV or mobile device, pergola screens are an ideal solution. Slide them into place, quickly eliminating the harsh glare of sunlight infiltrating from inopportune angles.

Sideways rain and snow intrude on your outdoor experience.

StruXure’s interlocking louvers and built-in gutter system offer leak-free rain protection from above. But on windy days or during heavy storms when precipitation makes its way in from the side, pergola screens provide just the protection you need, shielding you from the rain and snow.

You wish you had more privacy.

If you live on a busy street or your neighbors are a little too close for comfort, motorized pergola screens are a great way to add a sense of privacy. They make an especially wonderful addition around pools and spas, keeping away drain-clogging leaves and debris and reducing cleaning tasks. Looking for a little more seclusion? Consider the addition of motorized curtains.

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Kick Back and Relax Beneath Your Adjustable Pergola

Customizable adjustable louvered pergolas provide a versatile, relaxing backyard sanctuary. Adjust louvers to the perfect amount of sun or seal out the rain in a flash. Keep pests out and add a touch of privacy without missing out on outdoor enjoyment. StruXure aluminum pergolas provide secure, worry-free protection at the touch of a button.

Create a more comfortable, functional porch or patio, integrating motorized screens into your custom residential pergola design. Contact Denver Pergola Systems and start planning your dream outdoor living space today.

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