Why Choose StruXure Louvered Pergolas From Denver Pergola?

  • Lightweight
    StruXure’s Louvered Pergola X line weighs less by volume than competing pergola materials.
  • Strong
    Our pergolas stand up to everything from daily abuse to hurricane-force winds and heavy snow loads.
  • Durable
    Aluminum does not rust and remains strong and flexible, springing back from the shock of impact or load pressure with ease.
    • Eco Friendly
      Our highly reflective aluminum pergolas allow you to reduce heating/cooling costs, closing louvers in the summer and opening them in the winter to control solar radiation.
    • Recyclable
      Pergola X products are made of recycled aluminum, a product that is infinitely recyclable without losing its superior qualities.
    • Sustainable
      StruXure’ pergola with louvers are made in the USA, built to provide a lifetime of use and reduce environmental impact from creation through the end of service life.

    Pivot 6

    The Pivot 6 pergola with a louvered roof is a homeowner favorite. This aluminum pergola transforms outdoor living, offering precise sunlight control and shelter from the rain at the touch of a button.

    Aluminum Louvered Pergola douglas county co

    Pivot 6 XL

    StruXure is a leader in outdoor shelter solutions for public settings. The Pivot 6 XL is the most expansive model in the lineup, specially designed to meet the demanding needs of larger commercial pergola applications.

    Pan 6

    The Pan 6 is the ideal choice for expansive, multi-zone residential projects. Its unique design allows for the seamless integration of louvered roof panels with fixed pans.
    Solid Panel Aluminum louvered Pergola
    freestanding louvered pergola


    We offer an affordable, versatile solution to your outdoor shelter needs with a free standing pergola, the Cabana X. It’s the only non-permanent (moveable) pergola in our lineup, installing quickly and easily with no need for a permit.

    *Only available in 10’x 10′ with limited colors. 

    Pivot 6 Slide

    The Pivot 6 Slide Pergola with retractable louvered roof outshines the competition. This cutting-edge pergola system features state-of-the-art technology, sliding open like a sports car sunroof to reveal clear sky views.

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