StruXure Outdoor, producer of revolutionary outdoor pergolas and accessories, was recently named one of the “best entrepreneurial companies in America.” Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s, StruXure louvered roof systems ranked among the top 100 on the 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List™, coming in at number 81.

StruXure Outdoor Never Stops Innovating

For the past five years, Entrepreneur Magazine has released the list to recognize private companies pushing the boundaries with their innovative ideas, rating them based on their capacity to balance market impact, product innovation, business growth, leadership, and value. 

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Appearing on the Inc. 5000 list five years running, StruXure Outdoor is one of the fastest-growing privately-held businesses in the U.S., with manufacturing facilities in North Georgia and Nevada. Its dealer network, including our own Denver Pergola Systems, spans from Canada to the Caribbean, providing home and business owners innovative, versatile louvered pergolas and accessories.

Pushing Boundaries

Outdoor shelter solutions such as residential pergolas have increased in popularity across the U.S. in recent years. StruXure pergola designs have come to the forefront of the market, helping homeowners and maximize the use of their patios and decks with cutting-edge pergola designs and technology, including the StruXure Pivot, Pivot XL, and Slide.

What Sets StruXure Apart?

Beautiful, durable, and versatile, the innovative design of StruXure systems allow home and business owners to maximize outdoor enjoyment year-round:

    • Pivot
      Open or close louvers on your pergola roof based on sunlight and weather conditions, dialing in the ideal amount of sunshine, shade, or rain protection with a full 170-degree range-of-motion.
    • Slide
      Enjoy full sky views with the innovative StruXure Slide design.
    • Protect
      Safeguard your furnishings from UV exposure and rain, enjoying the benefits of the built-in gutter system of the StruXure Pivot, or the enhanced rainwater management of the Pivot XL.


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  • Reduce
    Decrease solar heat gain and maintenance, reflecting sunlight for a cooler, more comfortable outdoor space and home with the reflective, easy-care, non-corrosive powder-coated finish of StruXure pergolas in your choice of custom colors.
  • Automate
    Choose from remote control or iLouver app-driven control, incorporating wind or rain-sensing technology for weather-responsive operation.
  • Customize
    Customize your pergola with built-in pot lights, louver lighting, or gutter up lights; incorporate ceiling fans and patio heaters for comfort; or add retractable screens and curtains for pest control and privacy.

Enjoy products and service beyond your expectations. Discover why StruXure pergolas rank high not just on the Entrepreneur Magazine 360 list, but in homes and businesses nationwide. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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