When you’re searching for a pergola, are you finding the  same old wooden pergola designs? There is an innovative alternative to the traditional pergola, a motorized louvered pergola. StruXure’s aluminum louvered pergolas are state of the art and top of class in durability, withstanding snow loads, high winds, and extreme sun exposure. How are they different from traditional patio shelter options?

Pergolas With Louvered Panels Are a New “Twist” On An Old Classic

Like freestanding  pergolas and shade structures, louvered roof pergolas are supported by corner and side posts and supporting beams. Unlike fixed roof structures, they feature a louvered design that works like window blinds or shutters. This design gives you the ability to control the angle of slats. Open louvers for full sunlight, adjust the pitch for the ideal amount of shade, or close louvers to block out the sun or get protection from the rain.

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Adjustable Pergolas Offer Versatility

Something as small as a 12×12 adjustable aluminum pergola gives you the flexibility to quickly respond to shifting weather conditions from hour to hour and season to season. Change motorized louver settings, controlling the climate on your patio with the touch of a button. Alternate from full sun to the perfect amount of shade, opening louvers to increase air circulation or sealing them to block out the rain or prevent solar heat gain.

Customizable Comfort for Your Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

With the right pergola accessories, you can maximize indoor-outdoor outdoor living space year-round. Outfit your custom pergola design with creature comforts like lighting, ceiling fans, and patio heaters. Banish the glare of sunlight, seal out bugs, and improve privacy with motorized pergola screens. Adjust your pergola on-demand via remote control, operate your smart pergola on a schedule via your mobile device using the latest Somfy technology, or incorporate rain, wind, and freeze sensors into your home pergola design for automatic response.

StruXure pergolas are a designer’s dream. They come in many standard colors and nearly any custom color you can imagine. Choose from a sleek, modern aluminum pergola, the classic look of corbel ends, go rustic with a faux wood wrap, or add drama with architectural columns. StruXure pergolas offer a range of options to complement your home or turn your outdoor living area into a striking landscape centerpiece.

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Low Maintenance, Weather Resistant Home Pergola Performance

StruXure’s powder-coated, fully extruded aluminum louvered pergolas are built to last a lifetime with little more than the occasional spray and wash. They stand up to the harshest environments without rusting or warping, withstanding everything from intense mountain sunlight to hail, heavy snow loads, and hurricane-force winds, making them a very low maintenance pergola.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Experience with a Modern Louvered Pergola

Make the most of your outdoor living space year-round with a StruXure motorized pergola. Step up your patio design with a versatile, luxurious, louvered home pergola.

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