Is it safe to grill under a pergola? There’s no better way to prepare a meal than in the beauty of the outdoors under your residential pergola. The fully-extruded aluminum design of StruXture residential pergolas is heat-resistant and grill-friendly, making it the perfect spot to prepare and enjoy a meal. To ensure your custom pergola system and built-in pergola accessories remain in good condition, however, we recommend the following grilling practices.

Ensure Adequate Clearance

Most grill manufactures recommend a minimum distance of two feet between your home, other structures, and greenery. Too close and it could pose a fire hazard or result in soot accumulation or discoloration of your pergola. Clearances vary by grill style and manufacturer, and local regulations, however, so it’s always wise to check these before placing and cooking on your grill.

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Practice Common Sense Grill Safety

Make sure your grill is located on a flat, steady surface. When grilling, always keep a fire extinguisher on-hand. Just like when you’re cooking on a stove inside your house, don’t abandon your food – monitor it from nearby. Also, never leave children unattended by a hot grill. 

Slide Motorized Screens and Curtains Away

Motorized screens and curtains are great for added shade, privacy, and pest protection. However, sliding the motorized screens on your custom pergola out of the way when grilling is best. This allows smoke to clear and prevents your outdoor furnishings from smelling like char. It will also protect your pergola screens against damage from sparks, flame-ups, and grease fires.

Use Louvers to Improve Circulation

Your adjustable pergola allows you the flexibility to cook in many weather conditions, with up to 170-degrees of louver adjustment at your fingertips. Adjust pergolas to the perfect angle to shield yourself from the sun when cooking, or close louvers tight for a shield against rain, continuing to cook without interruption.

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Prevent Staining with Mindful Louver Adjustments

Open on all four sides, your home pergola delivers ample ventilation, protecting you against carbon monoxide dangers and ensuring plentiful ventilation to whisk CO and cooking fumes away. When smoke becomes an issue, open louvers, improving ventilation and clearing your porch or patio space of offensive fumes. Increasing airflow on-demand prevents the staining of pergola roof components from grill smoke and grease and ensures safety.

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