Are you neglecting valuable outdoor living space in the front of your home? You’re used to using your backyard for family get-togethers and neighborhood cookouts,  but your outdoor living space designs should include the area in your front yard  as well. Secluded backyard space is best for more intimate gatherings, your front yard offers unique advantages for inspiring connections with people in your community.

Deck Out Your Yard

Extend your existing patio or deck from your home, stretching it toward the perimeter of your property, or add a freestanding deck to your front yard. Always check local building codes for setbacks and verify HOA requirements before breaking ground. Match your existing pavers or flooring for a seamless look, choose a contrasting material, or incorporate durable, low maintenance pressure-treated wood or composite decking. Adding an outdoor living addition to your front yard is a fantastic way to add value and curb appeal, putting your home in the spotlight.

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Add Two Gathering Areas, Extending Your Outdoor Living Space

A larger, more public area is great for hosting neighborhood get-togethers, attracting passersby, and inspiring conversation, but with an aluminum pergola with retractable shades in a smaller courtyard, surrounded by lush greenery, can add a touch of privacy, serving as a secluded retreat for smaller gatherings such as a quiet cup of coffee or relaxing evening cocktail with a small group of friends. Integrate these two distinctive areas into a cohesive design with pavers or concrete, topping each with a matching or wrap-around pergola, complementary furnishings, and décor.

Incorporate Patio Shelter with a Pergola

Stifling sunlight and rain will curtail even the most interesting conversations. Ensure the shade and shelter you need to keep the lines of communication open with a StruXure home pergola, adjusting the louvers on your custom aluminum pergola to the perfect amount of sunlight or shade. Close louvers for rain protection or integrate added rain or wind sensors, creating a smart pergola design that responds instantly to your daily needs.

Create an Inviting Ambiance

Fill your space with comfortable, inviting furnishings and homey accessories. Keep things cool and comfortable with built-in custom pergola accessories like ceiling fans, patio heaters, and motorized pergolas screens for added weather and pest protection. Keep cold drinks at the ready, waving at neighbors passing by and inviting them over for a refreshing drink and a chat.

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Choose Your Plantings Wisely

Avoid surrounding your louvered pergola with large trees and thick bushes, as these can convey a message to keep out. Opt instead for thinly spaced waist or chest-height trees and a few colorful flowering additions. These add visual interest and a touch of separation and privacy while instilling an inviting feel. Openwork walls or panels with flowering vines are also excellent options for creating separation while maintaining visual contact.

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