Are you looking for ways to combat COVID cabin fever? Get outdoors and expand your horizons. Put the square footage of your porch or patio to better use with a new home pergola, realizing the full potential of your backyard. Connect with family, friends, and neighbors from a safe distance, or simply get some much-needed fresh air and space beneath the comfort of an adjustable aluminum pergola.

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Enjoy the Outdoors Rain or Shine with an Adjustable Pergola

With the versatile protection of a StruXure louvered pergola, you can quickly adapt your space to suit any weather. Open louvers to enjoy the sunlight, close them to eliminate the rain or adjust them to the ideal amount of shade protection and airflow. The unique louvered roof design of our cutting-edge pergolas allows you to increase ventilation, making them the perfect place to indulge in a little socially distant fun.

Adjust on-the-fly or pre-program settings, enjoying responsive operation with optional rain or wind sensing technology. Accessorize your pergola for use day or night, year-round with built-in lighting, fans, and heating for comfort, and screens and curtains for privacy.

Add Fun, Functional Square Footage to Your Home

Beat pandemic boredom, reinventing your backyard with exciting patio additions:

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  • Outdoor kitchen and dining
    Feeling lonely? Step away from the screen and interact with real live humans in your outdoor kitchen, enticing everyone outside to take part in family grilling. Sharing food is a time-tested way to build relationships, stimulating the mind, inspiring conversation, and enhancing connection.
  • Backyard bar for cocktail hour
    Need a little liquid therapy? Shake off the latest COVID news with a cocktail at your very own backyard bar.
  • Outdoor game room
    Sad football season’s over? Bring game day to your backyard, taking part in stress-busting, healthy physical activity with your family. Built-in and portable gaming tables pair perfectly with our home pergolas, offering endless entertainment.
  • Poolside retreat
    Sick of sitting on your couch? Create a resort-style poolside retreat, opening your pool early. Studies show that people who spend time around water enjoy better mental and physical health. If you’re a chilly water chicken, a pool heater is a worthy investment, enticing your family into physical activity and spending time together.

Kick COVID cabin fever to the curb. Reinvent your porch or patio with a residential pergola addition. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn new ways to maximize the use of your outdoor space today.

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