Are you looking for ways to bring fun and games onto your deck or patio space? Turn unused backyard real estate into a fun and functional extension of your home. With the flexible shelter of a StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola, an outdoor game room can provide the same year-round functionality of one indoors, with the added benefits only the outdoor environment can offer.

An Outdoor Game Room is the Perfect Complement to Other Backyard Amenities

A game room on your porch or patio is the ideal space for you and your family to shake off cabin fever. In this space, you can take part in stress-busting outdoor activities together, or give your children a sense of privacy while they enjoy playing safely alone in your backyard. Work from your porch while your kids play, or grill dinner while they entertain themselves in your new outdoor game room addition.

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Top Game Room Additions

Turn an unused area of your yard into a full-fledged game room, enticing your family outdoors with these popular outdoor gaming additions.

  • Permanent or portable gaming tables
    Invest in the lasting quality of a permanent table, or purchase inexpensive portable tables for more flexible use of your space . Popular options include:

    • Ping pong
    • Foosball
    • Air hockey
    • Pool
    • Multi-table (combines several games in one table)
  • Dartboard
    Electronic dartboards are low-maintenance and safe, keeping score for your family. 
  • Board games
    Store a variety of timeless board games in a weatherproof outdoor storage unit or bench, enjoying checkers, chess, cards, and more outdoors. 
  • Outdoor flat screen for gaming
    A cushy outdoor couch, wireless router, and portable gaming system can keep kids of all ages entertained for hours.


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Upping the Ante on Your Game Room Design

To ensure maximum use of your game room, you’ll need more than a couple of tables. Creating a comfortable, fun environment is key to enticing your family outdoors for repeated game room rematches. For an inviting atmosphere, don’t forget to outfit your game room addition with:

  • Ample outlets
    No one wants to hurdle extension cords while playing ping pong. For games that require electricity, have outlets wired in advance.
  • Joint-friendly flooring
    Standing for hours on hard surfaces can sap gaming fun. Choose softer flooring like wood or incorporate cushy floor coverings like rubber mats/pavers, and outdoor carpet to protect weary feet, back, and knee joints.
  • Comfortable seating
    A cushy couch or plush, multifunctional poufs provide an enjoyable place to observe or relax between sets. Pair with a coffee table or side tables, providing a nearby spot to rest beverage and snacks.
  • Flexible shelter
    Putting a roof over your game room allows you to use the space even when weather isn’t ideal, as well as protect furnishings and gaming tables from weather-related wear-and-tear. With the versatile shelter of a StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola, you can enjoy your game room in any weather. Focus on fun – with or without the sun – adjusting the louvers on your custom home pergola to the perfect angle for sun, shade, or rain protection. With built-in pergola accessories like lighting, ceiling fans, infrared patio heaters, and motorized screens for pest protection, you can enjoy your new space day or night, year-round.

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