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Win Big with an Outdoor Game Room & a Pergola

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Patio Ideas / April 30, 2020

Should you add an outdoor game room to your home? In light of the current coronavirus epidemic, it’s not difficult to see why having options for entertainment at home is good for your mental and financial health. Why not banish boredom in your backyard, turning a little bit of unused space into a full-fledged outdoor game room that lures your family out to play?   If you add it under a louvered pergola that keeps the rain out, you can even send the kids outside in the rain!!

Turn Down Screen Time & Turn Up Game Time

No one wants to stay indoors when it’s beautiful outside, and an outdoor game room addition is an ideal solution, delivering a lasting return on investment. Spending time outdoors with your family enjoying games together is a great way to unplug from the daily grind, encouraging activity, improving family bonding, and helping everyone feel good.

Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Game Room Experience

There are a lot of options for personalizing your outdoor game room. After considering how much space you have to work with, take a family vote, choosing from these popular gaming table additions:

  • Ping Pong
  • Pool Table
  • Foosball
  • Multi-Game Table
  • Shuffleboard & Curling

You can also maximize space and add a bit more fun with these traditional or magnetic wall-mounted games:

  • Dartboard
  • Hookey Game
  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • And more!

Choosing Between Permanent & Portable Models

When choosing gaming tables, weigh the pros and cons of permanent versus portable additions. Permanent tables, designed for lasting outdoor use, are typically heavier and better quality, however, this added quality and extended lifespan comes with a higher price tag. Portable options cost slightly less and are easily moved, though they are not as sturdy. They must also be put away after each use, so they do not get damaged by inclement weather. 

Ensuring Uninterrupted Fun

Covered patios give your family the opportunity to enjoy playing games outdoors, no matter the weather. And with StruXure louvered roof systems, you don’t have to sacrifice sunlight for shelter. Featuring 170-degrees of rotational flexibility, you can easily adjust the louvers on your residential pergola to let the sunshine in on beautiful Colorado days, provide the ideal amount of shade, or close louvers fully for rain protection during afternoon thunderstorms. Built to withstand the windiest weather, StruXure pergolas let you enjoy hours of outdoor fun while protecting your family and gaming gear from the elements.

Are you looking for a few patio ideas to spice up your family life? We’ve got you covered. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more about incorporating an outdoor game room addition today.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space More… With An Adjustable Louvered Pergola!

Do you have an under-used, uncovered patio that is either too hot when you want to use it, or gets too much rain or snow to be functional? The Adjustable Louvered Pergola System has you covered – or uncovered! Unlike a retractable awning or wooden structure with fixed slats that give partial shade, but no rain protection, this aluminum pergola system can offer full sun, partial to full shade, or shelter thanks to its ingeniously designed adjustable louvered roof system.

Colorado's Exclusive Builder Of Arcadia Roof Systems

Aluminum Pergola
The Benefits of a Denver Pergola System

Tame Unrelenting Sunshine with Ease

The thick louvers are easily adjustable with either a motor and remote or a manual opener, providing just the right amount of shade regardless of the sun's position, allowing you to comfortably enjoy more time outdoors.

Repel Rain

The specially designed louvers offer full protection from the rain, interlocking when closed to provide a watertight cover with a gutter that channels rainfall exactly where you want it.

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