Are you looking for ways to add functionality to your outdoor living space? A freestanding pergola is a great way to add versatility to your backyard. Unlike traditional covered patios, which fall just outside your back door, a detached pergola offers the opportunity to incorporate a secondary seating area apart from your home. This unique design offers many benefits, giving you a place to relax and enjoy a different view of your yard.

The Best Places to Put a Stand Alone Pergola

Because you will be unhindered by proximity to your home, the options for locating your pergola are only limited by property setbacks and your imagination. Top sites in your yard include:

  • Linked to your primary patio space.
    A smaller patio or deck linked to your primary patio by a pathway can serve as the perfect spot for an outdoor dining table or intimate gathering area.
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  • Side yard.
    Those with wide side yards can put them to great use with a satellite patio. Pro tip: Line up your patio seating with a window of your home so you can enjoy the scenery from within (and be tempted to venture out).
  • On a tier of your sloped yard.
    Adding a destination seating space on an upper or mid-level tier (or both) on a hillside can allow you to create multiple relaxation destinations with a truly unique view of your yard.
  • Nestled beneath trees or surrounded by greenery.
    For a more isolated, off-the-beaten-path patio retreat, consider incorporating a satellite patio down a secluded pathway, surrounded by mature trees or tall greenery.
  • Front yard or adjoining your driveway.
    Adding a seating space just off the main driveway or near your front porch can serve as the perfect spot to greet guests, an ideal gathering spot for casual get-togethers with family and relatives, or a semi-private spot for socializing teens and tweens.

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Ideas for a Freestanfing Patio Addition that Shines

Outfitting your freestanding patio with the right accessories makes all the difference. These patio ideas are perfect for adding function and panache.

  • Shelter
    Turn your patio into an outdoor room with StruXure Cabana X. With a StruXure adjustable pergola, you can make the most of your outdoor space year-round. With a unique louvered design and up to 170-degrees of flexibility, open up louvers to enjoy the warmth of the sun, adjust to the perfect amount of shade, or close securely for leak-proof rain protection, taking advantage of your satellite patio in any weather. Accessorize your residential pergola with integrated lighting, motorized screens, and more for a more comfortable, enjoyable space.
  • Fire
    Create an inviting satellite patio with the warm glow of a fire pit. Fire features are a popular addition beneath StruXure adjustable aluminum pergolas, which are fire-safe and provide ample ventilation even when closed to block out rain and snow.

Branch out, making the most out of your property. Design the perfect satellite patio addition with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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