What things do you need to plan for when designing an outdoor living space? Whether you’re creating your dream deck-side kitchen or adding a cool, comfortable poolside cabana, thoughtful planning is key to ensuring maximum use and a lasting return-on-investment. Our project experts have the information you need to achieve a successful design.

Decide on a Theme for Your Porch or Patio

Will you be using your space primarily for cooking, dining, relaxing, or entertaining? Visualizing the end-use of this space will help you ensure a cohesive design.

Multi-Use Outdoor Spaces

If your outdoor space will be multifunctional, create outdoor rooms or “zones.” Marking out each area in advance, and considering what you will do in each, will help when it’s time to select furnishings. Take measurements, shopping for furnishings carefully based on the intended use of each area. Poorly sized furniture can sabotage your design. Fit and clearance are crucial to functionality. 

Select a Style and Color Palette

Will you use neutrals, nature-inspired hues, or bold and bright colors? What theme will you carry through your design? The more you personalize your space, the more inviting it will be, and the more you will use it.

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Consider Built-Ins

Built-ins like benches, planters, and kitchen amenities are popular for their lasting design. Built-in fire features provide an inviting, cozy spot for gathering, while integrated water features offer a calming focal point. They are an excellent way to create a feeling of cohesiveness throughout your outdoor space.

Add Versatile Pergola Shelter

Ensure comfort with an adjustable louvered pergola system. StruXure home pergolas provide shelter from the rain on-demand, adjust to the ideal angle to provide protection against the harsh glare of the afternoon sunlight when you need it, opening later in the night to reveal starlit skies. Easy to operate, our custom pergola designs, with integrated lighting, ceiling fans, patio heaters, and motorized screens, ensure maximum use of your porch or patio space year-round.

Design for Privacy

High walls, tall hedges, and trellises can offer protection from onlookers. “Sunken” below deck and multilayer designs, which create a lovely effect and offer a variety of opportunities for adding color and texture with hardscaping, can also enhance privacy. Landscaping flat? Incorporate motorized screens and curtains into your pergola design, enjoying privacy on-demand.

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Choose Durable Materials

Invest in options that are beautiful and made to last, from your furnishings to your pergola design. “Bargain” options often end up costing more with repeated replacement. Quality materials, such as the fully extruded aluminum pergola design of StruXure systems, with premium Akzo Nobel powder coating, are easy to clean and built to withstand heat, UV rays, salt, hail, heavy snow loads, and hurricane-force winds.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Maintenance

Choosing easy-care materials allows you to spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying yourself.

Plan for success, and you will achieve an outdoor living space design that will provide lasting satisfaction for years to come. Contact Denver Pergola Systems for a complimentary design consultation today.

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