Create a patio that lures you into its comfort, inviting you to relax. Outfit your outdoor space with the comforts of the indoors and you’ll want to pull up a cozy seat and stay awhile. Set the mood with the right furnishings and décor, creating a relaxing retreat with these tips for a lounge-worthy patio.

8 Ideas for a Relaxing Patio 

    1. Multifunctional, comfortable seating.
      Cushy furnishings with thick cushions provide a place to snuggle solo, or with a loved one. Choose furniture options with built-in storage offer hidden spot to stow pillows and throws for cool evenings.
    2. A place to lie your head.
      An outdoor daybed offers the perfect place for an afternoon nap. For smaller spaces, hammocks provide an ideal alternative, shrinking to a small footprint when not in use.
    3. Storage for nibbles and sips.
      Sturdy side tables and a coffee table offer a nearby spot to set your beverages and snacks, as well as showcase LED candles and lanterns, providing a tranquil evening ambiance.


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  1. Flexible shelter.
    Outfit your space with a pergola. Home pergolas provide more coverage than unreliable patio umbrellas. StruXure adjustable louvered pergolas provide flexible protection, opening on-demand to let in the sun’s warmth, adjusting to the ideal amount of shade, and closing to seal out rain and snow.
  2. Mood lighting.
    Integrate built-in pergola lighting with programmable LEDs, dimming or altering lighting color to your taste. Set the perfect ambiance to unwind in the evening hours, accenting your patio space with strip lights, fairy lights, lanterns, and solar light stakes.
  3. Temperature comfort.
    Ensure comfort year-round, incorporating built-in ceiling fans and infrared patio heaters into your pergola design. 
  4. Pest prevention.

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    Close the louvers of your aluminum pergola, sealing out insects with motorized pergola screens. Two-legged pests in the form of neighbors? Get the privacy you need fast, integrating motorized curtains into your custom pergola design. 

  5. Plant-based privacy.
    Enhance the outdoor ambiance and create privacy. The lush foliage of plants in a mix of tall and small pots, or a living wall divider, transforms even the smallest space into a cozy hideaway.

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