In our last installment of the complete guide to pergola installation, we discussed the unique advantages of an adjustable louvered aluminum pergola design and how to begin planning your outdoor living space. In this one, we’ll take you through the steps to determine the best pergola size and design to meet your needs and discuss available operating system options and integrated accessories to enhance pergola comfort and enjoyment.

How to Find the Best Pergola Size

Now that you’ve put in the prep work, it’s time to place your order for pergola installation. Your pergola will be the linchpin of your outdoor living design, visually and functionally, so it’s important to keep in mind patio size = pergola size. Rest assured, we offer multiple design configurations and custom sizing so you can make the most of every inch of available space:

Attached or detached pergolas

An attached pergola provides a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living space. A detached or freestanding pergola can offer a focal point, delineate space, or provide separation between indoor and outdoor areas, enhancing privacy.

Free Standing pergolas

StruXure’s 10 x 10 Cabana X, which offers limited accessory options but fast, permit-free installation, is an excellent solution for small spaces. It’s favored at water parks and resorts for guest rentals and ideal for homeowners with a limited budget or time schedule.

Small aluminum pergolas

The Pivot 6 offers sizing from 12 x 12 to 12 x 20, perfect for creating an intimate bistro setting, secluded retreat, or quiet outdoor work area.

Medium aluminum pergolas

Mid- sized pergolas, approximately 15 x 20, offer ample space for outdoor kitchen and bar additions, relaxation and entertainment areas, poolside sundecks, employee picnic and meeting areas, and business entryways.


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Large aluminum pergolas

Our Pivot 6 XL model line handles three times more rainwater, offering an excellent solution for homeowners with expansive yards or businesses interested in incorporating revenue-generating outdoor seating. We can create designs in any size you need, with no maximum.

Multizone aluminum pergolas

StruXure’s Pan 6 model is perfect for multizone designs, offering the ability to integrate our patented louver system with fixed/static pans, allowing you to incorporate distinct cooking, dining, and entertainment areas at home or separate restaurant dining/bar areas outdoors.

Pergola Design Configurations

Your pergola is more than just a motorized louvered roof. It will be a key design feature. Our custom-tailored designs ensure seamless integration into your landscape, including many options to meet your needs:

Pivot 6, Pivot 6 XL, Pan 6

The Pergola X model line includes your choice of white, black, beige, bronze, adobe, gray powder coating, or faux wood grain wrap. Create a sleek, modern look or a more traditional design to complement your aesthetic, boosting curb appeal with corbel ends, cornice façade, custom cap and base trim, and decorative columns.

Cabana X

Accent your 10 x 10 free standing pergola with solid, slat, or decorative side panels. Choose from full-textured white or full-textured black powder coating, contrasting frame/louver color configuration, or clad your pergola in a premium woodgrain finish.

Integrated Pergola Accessories

Enhance comfort in your outdoor living space with pergola accessories that ensure enjoyable, year-round usable square footage:

Pivot 6 and Pivot 6 XL

  • Recessed lighting for 24/7 use
  • Color-changing strip lights for ambiance
  • Ceiling fans for cooling summer relief
  • Infrared patio heaters for winter warmth
  • Motorized screens and curtains for enhanced weather protection and privacy
  • Built-in speakers and TV mounts for endless entertainment
  • Built-in power outlets for all your electronics needs

Cabana X

  • Curtain rods and curtains for enhanced weather protection and privacy
  • Built-in foldaway couch for comfort and convenience
  • Integrated power panels for outdoor electronics


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Pergola Operating System Options

StruXure makes using your louvered roof system a breeze. Our Cabana X operates by remote control or Somfy MyLink app, depending on model. The Pivot 6 and Pan 6 model lines offer even more choices, including manual, solar, and electric power options. Somfy RTS technology ensures rapid response to changing weather from your wall-mount operating panel, handheld remote control, or Somfy MyLink app from anywhere in your home or business. Pergola X smart pergolas are also compatible with popular home automation systems, allowing for operation by voice command. Optional rain, wind, or freeze-sensing technology offers on-demand response to Denver’s rapidly changing weather, protecting furnishings from harsh UV light, rain, and snow.

You’re In Control Now – But You’re Not Finished Yet!

In our next installment, we’ll cover pergola cost and installation, furnishing and decorating your outdoor living area, and long-term pergola care. We’re here to help you achieve your dream outdoor living design. Contact StruXure Denver at 303-550-4024 to schedule a design consultation or for a quote on pergola installation today.


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