Should you stick with a classic wooden pergola, or push the envelope with a cutting edge aluminum louvered pergola design? Metal pergolas offer advantages over traditional wood designs that go well beyond modern looks. Aluminum pergolas can reduce maintenance, maximize your investment, and enhance your outdoor living enjoyment, making a far greater long-term investment than wood shelters.

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Why Give Wood the Axe?

The durability, versatility, lifespan, and ease of maintenance of aluminum pergolas surpass conventional wooden designs. Though wood shade covers have been the typical solution for many years, in Colorado’s intense ultraviolet environment, wooden pergolas have a short lifespan compared to aluminum home pergola designs. The harsh sunlight in our mountain region rapidly deteriorates even the toughest paints and coatings, causing wooden structures to discolor and peel to an unsightly finish in just a few years.

Wooden pergolas are also extremely high maintenance. Ask anyone who has owned a wooden pergola, and they will be well-versed in the immensity of the upkeep of these structures. As soon as a wooden pergola is built, the clock is ticking on staining and replacing the structure. If this time-consuming maintenance is not regularly performed, the structure will degrade and rot, requiring repair and ultimately replacement.

Open roof traditional wooden pergola designs also lack versatility. Providing only partial shelter, heat, sunburn, and rain cannot be avoided, creating an uncomfortable environment and limiting your capacity to use your outdoor space.

Aluminum Louvered Pergolas are a Sharp Addition 

Our adjustable louvered pergola systems allow you to enjoy shade when you need it and sun when you want it. Open louvers to bask in the warmth of the sun, or adjust them to the perfect amount of shade for UV protection and comfort. When it rains, close louvers securely, enjoying the leak-free rain protection of the fully-integrated gutter system of your custom pergola design.

Featuring a fully extruded aluminum design and lifetime warranty, StruXure pergolas deliver lasting performance, while requiring very little maintenance. Simply hose off your residential pergola once or twice a year, sponging it with soapy water if you prefer. No labor-intensive sanding, staining, painting, or rot repairs required.

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Unlike steel, which forms cancerous lesions that work their way beneath paint and powder coatings with the slightest nick, aluminum structures will not rust or rot. StruXure aluminum pergolas are covered with a commercial-grade powder-coated finish, lasting a lifetime, making them a once in a lifetime investment. Easily touch-up nicks and blemishes with no worries of corrosion, rest assured your custom aluminum pergola will last as long as your home.

Built to stand up to Denver’s most demanding weather conditions, StruXure home pergolas feature a thick, structural weight aluminum, resisting denting from hail and enduring hurricane-force winds with ease. Despite this strength, they remain light, allowing for placement on balconies and upper stories with no need for structural reinforcements.

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Come and visit one of our 3 showrooms and see the difference in the quality of our custom-designed outdoor shelters, including the strength of the system, its unparalleled versatility, and ease of use.

If you’re still captivated by the looks of a traditional pergola, talk to us about pergola system upgrades and accessories. We can create a similar feel using end cuts or post bases and caps, or integrate faux wood wraps that can allow you to achieve the look of wood while enjoying the benefits of a custom aluminum pergola design.

Are you planning for a new pergola? StruXure aluminum louvered pergolas have you covered. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to schedule a complimentary design consultation today.

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