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7 Tricks for a Seamless Outdoor Hot Tub Integration

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Residential Pergolas / August 8, 2018

Warm and bubbly, hot tubs are among the most enjoyed outdoor living space additions, but often they come at the expense of aesthetics. Let’s face it, a 500-hundred+ gallon vessel of water with an ugly vinyl cover can be hard to camouflage. Fortunately, with a few tricks, it’s possible to harmonize your hot tub with your landscape, creating an environment just as relaxing to look at as your hot tub is to soak in.


Preserve the Beauty of Your Backyard with these 7 Hot Tub Integration Tricks:

  1. Cover it. (Not with that ugly vinyl thing.)
    outdoor living spaceInstead of sticking with the ugly vinyl cover most hot tubs arrive from the factory with (and engaging in a wet wrestling match every time you want to open/close your spa), invest in a rolling spa cover. Custom-made from woods like cedar, these look much better and easily slide out of the way. Adding a deck platform? Be sure to design your deck so the cover can slide conveniently underneath, disappearing out of the way beneath the deck when your spa is in use.
  2. Reduce your exposure.

    Instead of leaving all sides of your hot tub exposed, mask it, carefully tucking it away in a corner of your outdoor living space, and covering the remaining sides with a wooden enclosure. Add functional steps or keep the sides sleek, creating the look of a warm wood wall.
  3. Go undercover.

    Custom hot tub applications offer a number of options for concealment – even when hot tubs are located above ground. Here a feature wall hides the hot tub from patio or window view, blending into the terraced garden.
  4. Get creative.

    With a skilled and creative contractor and the right combination of building materials and motors, the sky’s the limit, such as with this cover that does double duty, serving as a sun deck when not in use.
  5. Put it center stage.
    When investing in a custom hot tub, consider a hot tub addition that doubles as a water feature when not in use.
  6. Push boundaries.
    Unlike pools, hot tubs don’t require a large amount of paved space surrounding them for access. Fit for just a few, the smaller footprint of a hot tub provides ample opportunity to create a beautiful garden focal point. Working dense plantings nearly up to the edge provides a lush, verdant soaking space.
  7. Get a room.

    When adding a hot tub as part of a multifunctional outdoor living space, consider sectioning off your yard into rooms, separating the spa-like retreat of your hot tub from dining and entertaining areas. Create a true retreat dialing-in just the right amount of exposure with the 170-degree adjustment of an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, integrating motorized curtains and screens for privacy to create a private, relaxing feel.


Ready to relax into your outdoor living space addition? We’ll have you bathing in bliss in no time. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn new ways to streamline your outdoor living space design today.



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