Summer is fading and the fall is on its way. Unfortunately, given the cooler, more inviting outdoor temperatures, many forego the protection of patio sun shades and sunblock. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, however, last far beyond those days of fun in the summer sun.

There’s More to a Sunburn than Heat

UVB rays, which provide heat, do indeed weaken in the fall and winter as the earth spins away from the sun. However UVA rays reach the earth with any visible light, and are present 365 days a year. This often leads to necessary sun protection going overlooked when temperatures drop.

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Many Factors Affect Your Exposure to UV Rays…

  • Time of Day
    UV is greatest when the sun is high in the sky, between 10am and 4pm.
  • Season
    Monitoring the UV index though your local weather channel can help you track exposure levels during prime outdoor seasons.
  • Location
    UV is strongest at the equator, growing weaker toward the poles.
  • Altitude
    The cleaner, thinner air found at higher altitudes increases UV exposure.
  • Age
    The thinner skin of children and the elderly is more at-risk than the skin of an adult.
  • Exposure Time
    Obviously, the longer you are out in the sun, the more UV rays you’ll encounter.

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Protect Yourself & Enjoy Your Time Outdoors

Awareness of prime exposure times, conditions, and locales is key. But while sunscreen and protective gear are a great precaution, UV can penetrate most fabrics, from cotton shirts to inexpensive patio umbrellas and canopies. The only surefire way to prevent sun overexposure is with reliable shade – and not all shade is created equally.


The Ultimate in Weather Protection

Shade is relevant to the angle of the sun, making the size and orientation of sun shelter key. A feature which the fully-customizable Arcadia pergola provides in spades, given its 170-degrees of louver adjustability. Whether you’re enjoying a bit of Mother Nature’s free vitamin D via fully open louvers, or seeking shelter from the sun or rain, the Arcadia’s easy, on-demand adjustability provides just the protection you need. Optional motorized screens and curtains offer additional weather protection and privacy, for a fully-customized outdoor experience that’s second-to-none.


Don’t fear the power of the sun – harness it – beating the winter blues while still maintaining comfort and safety. Open the door to a better outdoor living experience. Contact Denver Pergola Systems today.   

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