Throngs of Americans are moving their daily activities outdoors. Outdoor cooking and dining. Green office spaces. And the latest outdoor living space trend? Outdoor baths and showers.

Why an Outdoor Bath or Shower?

Standing under a burst of water while taking in the warm sun or enjoying the breeze invigorates in a way tiled indoor bathing spaces cannot. What could be more refreshing (and practical) than rinsing off comfortably in a cool shower after a sweaty run or following an afternoon of gardening? Better still, how relaxing would a warm bath under the stars with a glass of your favorite wine be?

Don’t Be Shy – Step Out & Enjoy Outdoor Bathing

It’s easier than you think to add an outdoor bath or showering space (without inadvertently inviting the neighbors for a free show)…

  1. Decide the ‘theme’ of your space.
    Relegate the bathing experience from an obligation to a pleasure, creating a theme for your space. Go rustic with wood and stone, create a tropical paradise, or a spa-like retreat in the comfort and privacy of your home.

  2. Ponder your shower location.
    If there are natural amenities or amazing views, situate your shower to take advantage of your home site. Locate your bathing site in direct sunlight for a more pleasant bathing pleasant, and to keep accoutrements drier. A sunlit, airy location is critical to preventing mold, mildew, scum, and moisture-related wear-and-tear. Avoid areas with trees overhead, which can cause debris accumulation and pest issues. If your shower will share an exterior wall, be certain to add a waterproof membrane between surfaces. 
  3. Consider creature comforts.
    Specifically: Hot water. While a hose may get the job done in the dead of summer, it’s far from ideal in spring or fall. Adding hot water involves tapping into your home’s hot water supply or adding a new line specifically for your outdoor bathing area with the help of a plumbing professional or general contractor. Interested in a greener, energy-saving option? A solar roof heating system may be just the ticket. (Tip: Don’t forget a shutoff valve to avoid winter pipe issues.)
  4. Protect your home.
    Plan proper draining for your space to ensure water buildup does not affect your property, draining away from the foundation/basement. Options include permeable pavers, artificial turf, a French drain, draining to a storm ditch, gutter system, or graywater tank. Be certain to verify compliance with local building codes before beginning your addition. 
  5. Embellish your space.
    Emulate the theme of your outdoor bathing space with an antique claw-foot tub, modern and sleek teak wood panels, or design a stunning shower stall encased in natural stone. Stainless steel fixtures ensure resilience and withstand corrosion better than brass. Create a space that’s is a true getaway with extravagant landscaping, sculptures, unique accent lighting, gas or electric fireplace, and more.
  6. Add privacy with a pergola.
    Instead of boxing-in the lovely space you’ve created for yourself with run-of-the-mill privacy fence panels or blocks, let the sunshine in while ensuring privacy with an adjustable aluminum pergola. With a full 170-degree range-of-motion, adjust the angle of your pergola roof to prevent peeping from surrounding multi-storied homes, while preserving access to sunshine and sky views. Create further privacy without detracting from the experience with the addition of motorized retractable screens and curtains, while also keeping pests at bay. Ensure air circulation and sunlight critical to safeguarding against moisture issues, and to create an incredible bathing ambiance in Mother Nature without offending the neighbors. No upper-level neighbors? Incorporate the Arcadia Slide for amazing views, especially on those clear starlit nights, and indulge in the ultimate bathing experience.

Turn your home into the relaxing sanctuary you’ve always yearned for. Contact Denver Pergola Systems and discover new ways to customize your outdoor living space today.


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